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Specialises in: Psychic Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant , clairaudient, energy reader , Spirit Guides

Hi, my name is AGA, I am a Psychic Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Energy reader, Spirit Guides, Angel cards, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Generally helping people gain clarity on the situation and allowing them to see the bigger picture.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm a very mysterious sign Scorpio, very spiritual and can be secretive, extremely sensitive and emotional. Interested in spirits, the unknown, everything hidden and unseen to discover. I'm honest and loyal. As a Scorpio my gut instinct and psychic sensitivities are very strong.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I saw my "dead" father standing above my bed and watching me and smiling to me, dressed very nicely looking a bit younger and this was soooo real, I will remember until end of my life. Then I saw more of my deceased family members. They are busy up there have things to do and I know 100% life does continue after physical death. From that time, I started to attend meetings at a Spiritualist church to perform on platform and regular meditations.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Well, it was one of my friends and he was devastated he was already paying very high child maintenance, but his ex-wife was taking him to court to request double payment of child maintenance for their son who was 13 at that time. So my friend sent me a picture of his son and picture of his ex-wife and requested if I can do reading. And I did. Told him that this is not his son. My friend argued that this is his son, and his wife was pregnant a few months after the wedding. I told him again that I'm getting from spirit guides that this boy is not his son, my spirit guides advised him to do tests one in UK and one in the country he is from to see if he is the biological father. My friend was very upset and said I will prove to you this my son. So, he did test in UK and test abroad and both tests came that he is not a biological father 0%. He could not believe; from that time he stopped paying any child maintenance and his ex-wife said very sorry. Sad story he was paying 12 years child maintenance so much money . . . And the child is not his son . . .

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a Reiki master, care worker, phlebotomist, massage therapist, and the best experience is just daily life when meeting and talking to people I believe we learn the most

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Well, I think it is important not to stress and allow the energy to flow so the reading will be accurate and successful. I would say also expect the unexpected, be open minded for whatever message comes, have your questions ready and to know that I can guide you but not to judge you or tell you what to do as you have your free will.


What our customers say about AGA

Aga is the loveliest to talk to! So accurate!!! I couldn't believe the level of detail given, amazed, I truly am! The validations were spot on, the names given were unbelievable as Aga could not have known them. Thank you so much, lovely Aga. Love Debbie ❤️

- Debbie

3rd December 2022

Aww thank you.Excellent reading. Leanne xxx

- Leanne

27th November 2022

oh Aga, you are so lovely, thank you for my lovely reading the other day, I have been lucky to be able to get another reading with Aga, she is amazing, one of the best on sofa, very gifted, she will always be busy, and youl know why when you get through to her, well worth the wait, she is just outstanding, and has such a kind heart, she cares about us, and wants to help, thank you so much, very consistent, she followed and picked up the same situation as before, she is very very high level, we know this is more rare, her level picks up things other readers wouldn't , there are only so many on the level she is, thank you so much, all my love and hugs julie xxx

- julie

26th November 2022

Very good reader.Good sense of my current situation and a plausible outcome. Would recommend her.

- Victoria

24th November 2022

Aga is absolutely sensational! She is kind, but straight forwarded. No sugarcoating and tells is like it is! She validated tons and her predictions aligned with other top readers. I will definitely return for another session! Love and Light to you Aga. Your friend from NYC :)

- Anon

19th November 2022

Phenomenal , Aga is straight and direct on how she delivers the reading. Truthful an so on point, my whole reading was like a life book she knew without knowing me. Agnieszka, Dziekuje!

- Anon

9th November 2022

Lovely reading from Aga. Very honest and accurate information that I found very helpful. Aga is a sensitive and deeply empathic person Thank you for helping .

- Claire

6th November 2022

Very good reader who picked up a lot of detail.

- Allison

6th November 2022

Wow Aga is amazing and very good. Aga picked up on work and relationships which was 100% spot on. Really lovely lady and good advice to move forwards. She is a top reader and will be very busy. Very caring and uplifting reading with outstanding details. This lady knows and sees. Will call again. Many thanks. xx

- Anon

1st November 2022

oh wow! I knew Aga would be brilliant, when I read her profile , and hoped I would get a chance to have a reading with her, and I just did, Thank you Aga, you are so amazing, kind, down to earth, very gifted , picked up the situation instantly, she is a very very high level, loads of validations , very intune with spirit, answers any questions instantly, we know this level is more rare, and she really is one of the best, and going to be very busy on sofa, the more find her, the more impossible she will be to get! and we will never see her available , as she will be snapped up the min she logs on! everyone, she is well worth the wait! thank you Aga so much lots of love and hugs Julie xx,

- julie

30th October 2022

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