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Simon is a Clairvoyant. Medium, Reiki master teacher, Crystal therapist, Spiritual counsellor and a Hypnotherapist specifying in past live regression.

Simon’s journey with spirit started at a very young age. His earliest memory seeing spirit is at 5 years old at school. As he puts it I wondered why my grandparents couldn't come to school with him. At that point Simon had no idea that they were really spirits. As his childhood went on he kind of ignored them or as he puts it they let me have my childhood.

 As Simon left school and started working things started to come forward from spirit world but again Simon wasn't quite ready to work with them. Lots of things happened between the age of 17 and 25 as spirit made their presence known to him. It was at 25 when his daughter Cassie was born that he truly started to embrace spirit and spirit Simon

Simons first step on his journey was realising he was a clairvoyant medium. There was a major push at that point by spirit. As Simon puts it listen to the whispers before they start screaming at you. It was at this point when Simon started offering readings with the guidance of his dear friend Gill who made him realise he wasn't crazy.

Simon then continued his journey by learning Reiki where he done all three levels and is now a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui system of natural healing. Simon is also a crystal therapist. Simon offers Reiki healing with crystal therapy and does Reiki attunements.

The next step in Simon’s development was starting to teach mediumship by offering spiritual developments where he helps people find their way of working with spirit. Simon also got his diploma as a spiritual counsellor where he helps people get to the bottom of their triggers and insecurities, heal from their past to unlock their future.

The latest step in his growth has been his diploma as a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression and childhood memories. Simon believes we live many lifetimes as we go through our spiritual life. To understand our past helps us grow into our future. We also get to understand our quirks. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel honoured to be able to pass on messages to my clients from their loved ones in the spirit world. It gives me a sense of pride and gives my clients a sense of comfort, guidance and acknowledgement on their path 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

A Pisces is renowned for being sensitive to others and emotional. I'm no exemption to this and being connected to spirit adds to it

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My earliest memory for me goes back a long way. I was 5 and remember seeing my great granddad who I never met

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have done so many readings and spirit tends to take the memory of readings away from me. As they say it's not my life I don't need to remember. Every reading I do is confidential and I would never repeat the information that I do remember 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Not only have I done many private face to face readings but I have also done online, video call and phone readings, I've also done many psychic evenings both on stage and in spiritual churches. I've also been lucky enough to give a reading to someone on every continent in the world which I'm very proud of. I'm also a member of the spirit workers association in the UK.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

For me spirit will always guide the client to a reader that is right for them. I would say always trust your instincts and go where you are drawn. I've been told that I have a unique way of working and put the sitter at ease as a reading can be a very daunting experience.


What our customers say about Simon

Gosh speaking to you was like a phone line to spirit world. You told me my little car was now with specialists who knew what they were doing. You told me that my car would be ready by end of the month and that problem would not repeat again. It was true my car was with specialists. On the last day of the month I received a telephone call. My car was ready. I went to pick the car up and said to the man. It was so weird the man was so specific about my car. Like a phone line to heaven - I know men aren't into that type of thing I added. He blushed... Said he wasn't but his mum and his sister were... His brother had died. We paused and stood and looked at each other. You are very special. For that time when I need to know spirit are around me. I am not on my own. My car had same fault for 3 years. Nobody could fix it. I still can hardly believe it myself. Thank you Simon.

- Nic

2nd December 2022

Very good. It had taken a while for Simon to be free. Had my first reading today. He connected from spirit and was accurate to how this year had been. A good reader. I like ones who connect to spirit who help me on my journey. I felt I certainly had what I paid for. Thank you Simon. I will return if I can get through. Nikki.

- Nic

21st November 2022

Very good. It had taken a while for Simon to be free. Had my first reading today. He connected from spirit and was accurate to how this year had been. A good reader. I like ones who connect to spirit who help me on my journey. I felt I certainly had what I paid for. Thank you Simon. I will return if I can get through. Nikki.

- Nic

21st November 2022

I’ve had more readings with Simon than I’d care to admit. He is just too good!!!! Not only can he accurately predict what will happen, as in the case of my massive issue recently, and I’m talking many accuracies not just one of two, but he has also been a personal friend and counsellor . He also guides you through the problem whilst giving a more global spiritual insight on your life’s journey. This psychic is the real deal. When I look at reviews, I look at who has said they have had predictions come in and yes this psychic accurately predicts multiple times over. Simon is a true star, without him I don’t think I would have coped and although I don’t want to divulge my personal issue, I can safely say I so glad I had him in my life. Thank you Simon sincerely, worth every penny x Your favourite person!

- Sam

20th October 2022

Thank you Simon.Leannexxx

- Leanne

25th September 2022

Thank you for a wonderful reading, Simon. So clear, straight to the point and very connected. Thank you for bringing my maternal grandmother through and answering all of my questions without even needing to ask them. Sorry we got cut off suddenly. I will definitely call you back in future and recommend you to my friends. Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

20th September 2022

Thank you Simon!! Always a good reading.Leannexxx

- Leanne

8th September 2022

Had my 2nd reading with Simon. On 11/8/22. The first was back in May 22. Simon picked up on situation with other person straight away. The reading was insightful and very informative. Will definitely be speaking with him again later on in the year. He is the best reader on here.

- Jade

14th August 2022

Thank you very much for your reading today you have really helped relax my mind on my situation, I had meant to extend but pushed wrong button. Simon I cant thank you enough

- Anon

11th May 2022

Amazing reading picked up straight away on what I wanted to know without asking questions. Thank you xx

- Sharon

8th May 2022

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