Psychics have been around since the dawn of humanity, impacting the course of history in ways that many of us can't even begin to imagine. From the high priestesses of Ancient Egypt that were consulted regularly for their advice and guidance, to the famous psychics we all know and love today, they've always been revered, feared, questioned and admired the world over. Foreseeing prophecies, interpreting the stars, connecting with the underworld and talking to the dead are just a portion of their specialist skill set, which has seen them correctly predict the coming of Christ, the world cup results, royal pregnancies and potentially, even the end of the world. With so much fascination around psychics and the powers they hold, as well as the fact our network boasts some of the best readers out there, we wanted to create an homage to a big part of mankind's history that often gets overlooked. Psychics may be able to predict the future, but we find their past the most interesting, and therefore have created an extensive deep-dive into it.

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Within this 20,000+ word website page, you can learn about the psychics of ancient times and how they interpreted dreams, uncover secrets from psychics of different cultures and read our predictions for where psychics may take us in the future. We'll also look at psychics in the media - from crime solving mediums who have helped put cases to rest, to their representation in books, TV and film. You'll see passages from ancient texts, and quotes from witnesses of spectacular events. Gaining a real understanding for the intuition all of these psychics have, you'll discover the part they have played in defining our lives, and how they've changed the course of history, one prediction at a time.

That's quite a lot of knowledge! Therefore, we've created a clickable contents section that aids navigation and allows you to learn about the period of history, or the famous psychic, of your choice:

We invite you to take a journey through the history of psychics with us….

For as long as people have been recording history, there have been reports of psychics. A handful of people who were somehow believed to reach beyond the "here and now", and gather information about events "yet to come" have popped up in every culture and every era. They have been called mediums, wizards, necromancers, witches, clairvoyants and spiritualists, and dozens of other titles. Unfortunately, psychics and their ability to predict the future have not always been held in high esteem. The often turbulent history of psychics has been one of changing winds, roles and images. They have been consulted by royalty, and yet in other places or in other times, their special powers have singled them out for banishment, punishment or even death. Astrologists, palm readers and tarot card readers are often included in the category of "psychic.

- Lindsay Shugerman in History Of Psychics

Psychics In Ancient Times

Ancient Egypt

Psychics were a main staple of the royal court in Ancient Egypt, providing advice on everything from crops and government officials to battle strategies and the translation of dreams. They were valued for their skills, and were revered and trusted beyond disrepute. However, such was their trust that phonies were sought out and punished, and if any gave bad advice or told of prophecies that didn't come true, they risked going to prison.

Psychics In Ancient Times

Ways That Egyptian Psychics Made Predictions:

Dreams: The Egyptians viewed dreams as ways in which the gods made contact with humans. Incubation was a practice where prophets would sleep in temples in order to receive these dreams, that would help to guide their flock. The prophets would prepare for these dreams by fasting and abstaining from any type of social interaction to ensure purity.

A clean piece of linen may be written on with specially made ink, indicating which god the prophet wanted help from, and also what they desired to know. This piece of linen would be rolled up and used as a wick in a lamp, which would be lit as the prophet prayed to the god. They would then go to sleep, with writing material next to them to record any messages they received. Messages given were usually coded, requiring the prophet to interpret it.

If a person wanted to speak to the gods directly, they might spend time in an incubation chamber. For example, it was not uncommon for women having difficulty with childbirth to sleep in a 'Bes' chamber. Bes was the god of childbirth and fertility, and it was believed that a night in his presence would help with conception. Women would also carry Bes amulets and wear Bes tattoos, and after their dreams, would go to the prophet for an interpretation of them.

How Might Your Dreams Have Been Interpreted?

That's a good question, and this section is here to help. Taken from the Chester Beatty III papyrus - three 3rd-century papyri from Egypt - the following outlines dream interpretations, for example:

If a man sees himself in a dream slaughtering an ox with his own hand it means killing his enemies in battle.

Eating crocodile flesh is a sign that the dreamer will become an official among his people.

Burying an old man means a change in your path, or flourishing in a new endeavour.

Submerging in the river suggests a purification from all evils.

Wearing broken white sandals could mean exile and a constant roaming of the earth.

Being bitten by a dog suggests the dreamer will be touched by evil magic.

Having sex with a women means a close death is imminent, and therefore a period of mourning.

Astrology In Ancient Egypt

Astrology, which suggests that there is a connection between astronomical phenomenon and experiences on earth, had a big impact on the Ancient Egyptians. Early Egyptian astronomers monitored and mapped out the movement of the stars to help them understand their effect on the earth's environmental changes and seasons, as they believed that doing so was a divine skill. In fact, temples were established where these men would carry out their work, and rituals were often timed based on planetary activity.

Astrology in Ancient Egypt

Did You Know?

Temples were designed to simulate the heavens themselves - the floor being the earth and the arched ceilings, the skies.


Amun - A ram-headed god.


Apis - A bull-god.


Horus the elder and Horus the child.




Khum - a water god.



You can find a depiction of the Egyptian Zodiac on the ceiling of the Temple of Osiris in Denderah.

Did You Know?

Both Egypt, China, North Africa and India claim to be the birthplace of the Tarot cards.

Along Egyptian lines, Antoine Court de Gébelin's wrote in his book, 'Le Monde Primitif' ("The Primitive World") that the pictures on the cards are from ancient Egyptian books, and that there were secrets to be decoded in the pictures, such as the symbolism of Isis and Thoth. He also claimed that the word Tarot came from the Egyptian word ''Tar'' meaning royal and ''Ro'' meaning road, concluding that the Tarot was meant as the royal road to wisdom.

Tarot readings can be beneficial for personal development, determining goals and helping people to make decisions based on the results of their reading. If you're hoping to find love, start a new business, find inner happiness or make another major life decision, then why not give our Tarot Card readers a try?

Tarot Readings

They've received some wonderful feedback, including:

What a lovely kind gentle soul. She gave me such a sense of comfort, like she was protecting me herself. Spot on with the situation I'd called about, lots of validations and outcomes including dates. She told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted and also gave advice on protecting myself from energy attacks. I could have talked to her for hours. I left our conversation feeling so much more uplifted with a sense of trust and faith restored. Thank you Bernicia, I know who to call if I have a wobble between now and the date the outcome will happen. Sending you love and light angel Nidhi x

- Nihdi P.

This lady is AMAZING! You must give her a try. She picked up straight away a situation around me without me even telling her. She is accurate and doesn't sugar coat anything. She is also very sweet and funny. Lovely lady, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Achelyas for my reading yesterday evening. I will be in touch when predictions come through. Lindsey xxxx

- Lindsey T.

Greek And Roman Psychics

Oracles were everywhere in ancient Greece and Rome, consulting with the gods on a regular basis through way of casting lots, observing signs, interpreting the rustling of leaves on a sacred tree, the entrails of victims sacrificed to the gods or the movement of objects that were tossed into a spring.

Like the Egyptians, oracles slept in a shrine and received visions after having performed sacred rites. Some oracles would spend hours in purification, most famously, the Pythian priestess of Apollo in Delphi. She drank from the sacred spring and chewed laurel leaves before taking her seat in the temple. Then, while in a trance - which were induced by way of vapours rising from the ground - would hear questions from those who visited her shrine. Sometimes her responses were coherent, and sometimes not, so a priest would help to translate her words and provide answers in written form.

Sibyls were a special class of women who gave prophecies while in a ''frenzied'' or ''ecstatic'' state. Those involved with psychic research believe this state is similar to what mediums pass through before they have a spirit guide speak to them, suggesting they could deliver messages from the future, and beyond the earthly realm.

Greek & Roman Psychics

Did You Know?

There were 10 important Sibyls known throughout Greece and Rome, which included:

The Delphic Sibyl: Believed to be the first Oracle of Delphi, she began a long tradition of psychic readers at Mount Parnassus, where she presided. The elite of ancient Greece came to her for advice and guidance, and legend claims that even after she died, she continued to whisper prophecies into men's ears for their protection.

The Erythraean Sibyl: The prophetess who presided over the Apollonian oracle at Erthrae, in Ionia, is believed to have prophesied the coming of Christ through an acrostic that spelt, 'Jesus Christ God Son Saviour Cross'.

The Cumaean Sibyl: Residing in a cave near the town of Cumae, near the temple of Apollo, she's known for taking Aeneas (an ancestor of the founders of Rome) to the underworld to visit his dead father. He was then shown what his descendents would accomplish, which all came to fruition.

The Persian Sibyl: She's believed to have predicted the adventures of Alexander the Great, and is credited with writing the Sibylline Oracles. These discussed the judgement that God would bring down upon the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Trojans and the Libyans, for example.

The Libyan Sibyl: Rumoured to be the daughter of Zeus, she's believed to have met with Alexander the Great and revealed his divine parentage and claimed he was the legitimate Pharaoh of Egypt. After her death, it was written that when she turned to earth, any animals that ate from the grass that grew from her gave knowledge to men through their entrails. It's also believed that the face seen in the moon is her soul.

The Cimmerian Sibyl: She lived near Lake Avernus, which in Roman mythology, was the entrance to Hades. It's said her son Evander founded a shrine to the god Pan, where she would guide her flock with guidance and support.

The Samian Sibyl: Residing at a temple to the goddess Hera, she's believed to have predicted that Jesus would be born in a stable.

The Hellespontine Sibyl: Also known as the Trojan Sibyl, she presided over the oracle of Apollo at Dardania. Early Christians believe that she predicted the crucifixion, and the events leading up to it.

The Phrygian Sibyl: Also an important figure in Christianity, her prophecies correlated with Christian ideas about the end of time.

The Tiburtine Sibyl: With a seat in Tibur (modern Tivoli) she is said to have foretold the coming of Christ, the reign of the Emperor Constantine and the end of the world.

Psychics In The Dark Ages

The Crystal Ball

Though crystal ball reading has been around for thousands of years, making fascinating appearances in the mystical and religious traditions of many ancient civilisations such as the Druids, the practice of scrying, or crystal gazing, gained prominence during the dark ages, when numerous wizards, sorcerers, oracles, seers and gypsies began using crystal balls to predict the future and tell the fortunes of all types of people, from the rich to the poor, regardless of religious affiliation. Just as with the Druids, these crystal balls were usually made of highly polished spheres of beryl, though rock crystals were also used because it was believed to be better at connecting with the psychic energies that allowed scrying to work. It was quite common during this time period for the ball to be carried around by the user in a sling.

Crystal Ball

It's believed that the Anglo-Saxons used their crystal balls not only for their magical properties, but also as a fashion accessory. Used as symbols of power and to show class status, they were also used to ward off sickness and evil spirits. Even in Arthurian legend, Merlin chose to always have a beryl ball with him in case King Arthur needed an emergency reading.

Did You Know?

One of the most powerful men to ever claim wisdom from a crystal ball was John Dee - an English mathematician, astrologer and occultist, who not only chose the coronation date of Queen Elizabath I, but also consulted her on all types of courtly matters, using his crystal ball for guidance. Such was her belief in Dee, that she would seek him out on her own horse whenever she needed his advice.


Cartomancy - the art of fortune-telling or divination through the use of a deck of cards - gained popularity in the 14th century, spreading throughout Europe. Practitioners were referred to as card readers, readers or cartomancers.

Wondering what the cards meant? Take a look below at what the 'hearts' deck had in store for the lucky, or in some cases, unlucky, fortune-seeker:

Ace of Hearts

The Homemaker Card.

Representing a desire for affection or love, it was said to indicate the beginning of a new relationship, good news from a family member or friend, the end of a dispute or the beginning of a new life together in a new home.

Two of Hearts

The Card Of Love And Family.

Draw this card and it meant that you may have been neglecting certain friends or family members recently, and that you should try to spend more time with the ones that you love.

Three of Hearts

The Card Of Affection.

This card suggests you may be facing indecision, as you have 2+ love interests fighting for your attention. Alternatively, it could mean that you or your partner are afraid of commitment and it may be time to consider whether the relationship is worth it.

Four of Hearts

The Card Of Commitment.

This card suggested that the client was feeling secure in their relationship or as part of their family, and that any concerns they were feeling were just fleeting thoughts or issues that would resolve themselves with time.

Five of Hearts

The Card Of Separation.

This card suggests that change is coming, perhaps through a divorce, breakup or separation. It could represent a change at home, such as a family member leaving for university or a move to a new location.

Six of Hearts

The Card Of Harmony.

This card meant that the client was ready to let go of past hurt, move forward from everyday stresses and work toward achieving goals that would make them happy. The card reader may also suggest that the client consider how they could bring harmony to others' lives, perhaps through charity or volunteering work.

Seven of Hearts

The Card Of Doubt.

This card represents the challenges that relationships can bring, such as broken promises, being let down by those you care for and the disappointments having someone in your life like that can cause. It's time to consider whether it's worth keeping them around.

Eight of Hearts

The Card Of Socialising.

Draw this card and it suggests you should spread your wings, you social butterfly. Attend that party and you may meet the love of your life. Attend a business function and you may meet a lucrative partner. This card suggests that success is on its way.

Nine of Hearts

The Card Of Wishes.

This card has multiple meanings; the end of a relationship; the desire to help others; the want for Mr or Mrs Right; the desire to have a child.

Ten of Hearts

The Card Of A Gathering.

The ten of hearts suggests an imminent marriage, party of large social function.

Jack of Hearts

The Card Of Cupid.

This card indicates that you are blessed with a best friend, lover or confidant. If you also drew the Queen of Hearts, it could suggest a couple. Either way, the card may represent you, a friend, or someone you may meet.

Queen of Hearts

The Card Of Devotion.

Draw this card and it may mean one of the following: a romantic fantasy will come true; a passionate lover will enter your life; a woman in your life will become pregnant; a marriage proposal is on the cards.

King of Hearts

The Card Of Holiness.

This card represents a powerful and influential man, who has the ability to do something good with their life, such as becoming a devoted father or partner.

Chinese Fortune Telling

On the other side of the world, Chinese fortune telling was really taking off, with tellers using a multitude of techniques to aid their clients' desires for knowledge of the future. From palmistry and fortune sticks to astrology and facial fortune telling, let's take a look at what some of these methods involve:

Facial Fortune Telling

Miànxiàng, uses specific facial features to determine elements of your personality, and how this might influence, or have an effect on your future. Different aspects of your face cover different traits, and we'll take a look at a few below:

Your ears suggest how you interact with others, your level of risk-taking and longevity.

Your hairline suggests how you socialise.

Your forehead indicates your way of thinking, your intuition and parental influence.

Your eyebrows reveal different thinking styles, which include power, focus, follow-through, creativity, people-orientation and patience.

Your eyes indicate the way you look at the world, and the levels of intimacy, openness, passiveness and accuracy that you judge and embrace situations with.

Your nose suggests your money consciousness, working style, drive and need for power.

Facial Fortune Telling

The shape, size, thickness and specifics of the features all play a part in the technique too. For example, the mouth is an expression of our thoughts, emotions and decisions, and these varying specifics reveal the following:

Mouth Size

Large Mouth - A social being who is talkative and likes being the soul of the party.

Small Mouth - A quiet individual who is private and sincere.

Upper Lip

Thick Upper Lip - An outspoken, direct individual.

Thin Upper Lip - A person who keeps to themselves, is indirect and somewhat secretive about how they're feeling.

Lower Lip

Thick Lower Lip - A persuasive charmer.

Thin Lower Lip - A reserved individual.


Facial fortune telling

A person's decision-making style is revealed in the teeth, for example:

  • Even teeth: A poised approach.
  • Gaps: A humorous approach.
  • Big Front Teeth: A stubborn approach.
  • Small Front Teeth: A selfless approach.
  • Crooked Teeth: A conflicted approach.
  • An overbite or buck teeth: A reserved approach.
  • An underbite: An aggressive approach.

For more information on what your facial features could reveal about your personality, please click here.


Shǒuxiàng, or using the palms to make predictions about the future and one's destiny, analyses the position of palm lines for love, personality and other traits. There are three main lines that the palm reader uses as the basis for their reading, and these are the life line, the head line and the heart line.

The Life Line: Starts between your thumb and index finger and encircles the base of your thumb to reach the wrist. It provides insight in your health and lifetime. For example, a wide curve suggests you love travelling, whereas a narrow curve suggests you don't like to be away from home for long. A smooth and long life line represents a smooth and long life, however splits in the line suggest illness.

The Head Line: Above your Life Line and runs horizontally across the palm. If your head line is short, you should not take risks in life because you may not have the capability to make the gain worth the risk. A long head line suggests you have great intellectual ability and superb common sense. Wrinkles crossing this line means you have difficulty concentrating at times, sometimes finding it hard to make important decisions.

The Heart Line: Starts at the left end of the palm below the little finger and slants towards the middle and index fingers. If the heart line has a split that point upwards, you will have a happy marriage, but if its split ends point downwards, you will likely engage in short romances. Breaks in this line suggest that you won't stay for long in one relationship.

Psychics in 1100-1500s

Joan Of Arc

When Joan was 13, she started receiving visions from her spirit guides - Saint Michael the archangel, Saint Catherine and Saint Margeret - who told her to go the dauphin Charles VII and start a battle against the English and Burgundians because they had taken over Orleans at the time. She was also told that Orleans would be won back by the French and that Charles would be officially crowned king in Reims. These three events, as well as the loss of a military engagement in Rouvray, which she predicted a few days before the defeat, all came true.

Joan of Arc

What initially impressed the dauphin about Joan was how she gained an audience with him. He decided to disguise himself as a simple courtier to trick her, but she was able to pick him out of the crowd without any trouble. In their private audience, she also demonstrated that she knew his daily personal prayer, which he believed only he knew. Due to this, she was able to convince him of her visions, and the rest, as they say, is history.



Nostradamus, perhaps the most well-known psychic during this time period, was a French apothecary who published his collections of prophecies in 1555. Based on judicial astrology - the process of forecasting events by determining planetary and star systems' relationship to the Earth - he has been cited with correctly predicting multiple events, such as the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, the Apollo moon landing in 1969 and even the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

He usually wrote his visions down in quatrains (four line verses), which came to him through methods including:

  • Breathing in herbal stimulants.
  • While sitting on a brass tripod.
  • While staring into pools of water or flames late at night.

Nostradamus: Most Famous Predictions

Nostradamus: Most Famous Predictions

"From the enslaved populace, songs,
Chants and demands.
While princes and lords are held captive in prisons.
These will in the future by headless idiots,
Be received as divine prayers."

The French Revolution: The Third Estate ('enslaved populace') took over Paris and forced their demands on royalty ('princes and lords'). Then it got nasty, with noblemen and the general public alike accused of being traitors, with beheadings a common occurrence ('headless idiots').

French Revolution
Louis Pasteur's Doscoveries

Louis Pasteur's Discoveries - His Prediction:

"The lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries.
Pastor will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure.
This is when the moon completes her great cycle,
But by other rumors he shall be dishonored."

Pasteur: He is credited with discovering biogenesis - the process where bacteria grows from already-living organisms, and not spontaneously as was once thought ('lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries'). Inventing a process for removing bacteria called 'pasteurisation', he's helped to save countless lives ('Pastor will be celebrated').

Charles De Gaulle's Leadership - His Prediction:

"Hercules King of Rome and of Annemark,
With the surname of the chief of triple Gaul,
Italy and the one of St Mark to tremble,
First monarch, renowned above all."

Charles De Gaulle: He was a three time leader of France ('chief of triple Gaul') - leading the Free French Forces during World War 2, becoming prime minister in 1958 and becoming the first president of the French Fifth Republic.

Charles De Gaulle's
Hiroshima & Nagasaki Bombings

The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki - His Prediction:

"Near the gates and within two cities There will be scourges the like of which was never seen, Famine within plague, people put out by steel, Crying to the great immortal God for relief."

The attacks: In 1945, the USA dropped 2 atomic bombs on Hiroshima And Nagasaki ('within two cities'), killing tens of thousands. Many survivors suffered from radiation poisoning ('crying to the great immortal God for relief').

September 11 Attacks - His Prediction:

"Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth Will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time, Then Arethusa will redden a new river."

The Attacks: On September the 11th, the two towers ('two great rocks') were destroyed after terrorists crashed hijacked planes into the buildings.

Charles De Gaulle's

Psychics And Witchcraft

With Christianity spreading across Europe, psychics, mystics and divination started disappearing from public life. Those with spiritual gifts went underground for fear of persecution but unfortunately, their want for anonymity didn't last long. The 15th century brought with it witch trials, and just like that, Europe, America and beyond were terrified of anyone who associated with spirits, who predicted the future, who provided council if they weren't a religious leader or who created healing potions. They were believed to be devil worshippers, because according to the Church, how else could they be performing such miraculous feats?


In 1542, the first witchcraft act was passed - initiating over 200 years of witch hunts, trials and executions across Europe and North America. Prosecutors were usually government officials or esteemed members of the Church. Using Biblical passages to justify their cruel actions, they would cite sources that prohibits sorcerers, mediums and the like. The accused were usually put through tests such as:

  • Dunking - A victim was tied and submerged in water. If they sank, they would be pardoned after death, but if they floated, they would be found guilty of witchcraft and then killed.
  • Prayer - It was believed that witches were incapable of speaking the Bible aloud without making mistakes, suggesting they were against it and therefore in league with the devil.
  • Touch - If a person was possessed, the suspected witch would be asked to place their hands on them to determine the reaction. A non-reaction meant innocence, but if the person started to have a fit, it was taken as proof that the 'witch' had placed them under a spell.
  • Marks - Witch-hunters would sometimes have suspects strip publically to find signs that they had made a pact with the devil. The 'Devil's Mark' was said to change shape and colour, and was believed to have a high pain threshold. Unfortunately, everything from scars, birthmarks and tattoos were taken as evidence for this mark, and the accused rarely made it out alive.

Did You Know?

Psychics and spiritual activity appears throughout the work of Shakespeare. For example:

  • In Hamlet, the protagonist is visited by the spirit of his father.
  • Macbeth is visited by three witches, who provide him with multiple apparitions.
  • Brutus, in Julius Caesar, is visited by the latter's ghost.

Black Magic

As mentioned above, with earlier associations of psychics and magic, came the belief that some psychics were actually witches, or had deals with the devil. With the focus on women and their misdeeds during this turbulent time period, came the refocus on the perception of magic too. In fact, evidence suggests that medieval church authorities (whose successors would later lead the witch-hunts of the 1600s) didn't actually believe in magic at all. That didn't stop them from condemning anyone who practiced it though.


Episcopi, describes women who, seduced by illusions from the devil, believed that they could fly on the backs of ''certain beasts'' in the middle of the night alongside the goddess Diana. The general belief was that these women were ''stupid'' and ''foolish'' for actually believing that they could accomplish such things, and were criticised for not performing, any real magic.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the mindset shifted, and there seemed to be a real belief that women could make magic happen by entering into pacts with the devil. It was thought that at sabbaths - nocturnal meetings with other witches - that women renounced their Christian faith, ate babies, had orgies and committed unspeakable acts.

Following this, it was believed the devils worshipped would watch these women for signs, and then do their bidding. For example, if a witch put her broomstick in water and spoke certain words, a devil may cause a storm or flood. It wasn't always doom and gloom however. Women may want to heal as a result of a pact, or carry out other forms of positive magic. But because of the generalised belief that all magic was carried out by demons and devils, it was condemned just the same.

Funnily enough, there were certain practices which sound very much like magic, which would have been considered science or medicine during the Middle Ages. Sealskin could be used as a charm or to repel lightning. Vulture body parts could be used as a protective amulet. Gardeners could ask virgins to plant their olive trees to stimulate growth.

Similarly, a range of healing practices from the Middle Ages have also been interpreted as magical acts. Some doctors would place herb vervain in their patients' hands, in a bid to get them to speak the truth, i.e. providing the physician with an accurate prognosis.

Sympathetic magic was another form, using imitation to produce results. For example, liver from a vulture may be prescribed as medicine for a patient suffering from liver pains. Narrative charms – a version of sympathetic magic, which hinged on the belief that telling a particular story could help channel healing power to the patient – were incorporated into medical practices. According to one medical treatise, wool soaked in olive oil from the Mount of Olives could staunch blood when coupled with a spoken story about Longinus, a man who was famously healed of his blindness with the blood of Christ.

Though some of these methods were considered superstitious by the Christian church in the Middle Ages, they were never associated with demonic magic until the witch hunts began. And even though women found guilty of witchcraft were accused of much worse than using charms or stories to heal, many women became afraid of carrying out such practices, for fear of accusations of witchcraft.

Did You Know?

In the 11th century, a handbook was compiled to help priests determine what to do with those who had committed sins, many of which included old pagan folk rituals and ''evil magic''. Known as The Corrector, it listed sins such as:

  • Storms and Demons
    “Have you believed, or ever fallen into the perfidy of thinking that those conjurors who claim to be able to raise storms may indeed be able to conjure up storms or demons by incantation, or that they may be able to affect the minds of men?”
  • Little Toys and Tools
    “Have you ever made little toys, or toy bows, or small tools, and placed them in the cellar or in the storeroom, so that goblins and demons can play with them there, and will then be favourable to you in other things?”
  • Evil Eye
    “Have you believed what certain women are wont to believe: that whatever hose they enter, with a word, look, or sound they claim they can cast the evil eye and destroy goslings, the chicks of peafowl, chicks, even piglets and the offspring of other animals?”
  • Rising into the sky
    “Have you believed what some women are wont to believe, that in the stillness of a quiet night while your doors are shut, you along with other minions of the devil rise up into the sky all the way to the clouds and fight there with others, and that you wound them and they wound you?”

Psychics in 1600-1800s

Famous Witch Trials of the 1600s

Witch hunting really took flight in the 1600s, where across Europe and the US, trials and torturing were rampant. The Salem witch trials of 1692-93 may be the most famous in history, but they certainly weren't the only ones. Here we look at witch trials that shook the cities, countries and nations in which they took place:

The Bideford Witch Trial

The Bideford witch trial that took place in Devon in the far southwest of England in 1682 was one of the last in England to lead to an execution. It involved Temperance Lloyd, a local widow (who'd already been tried and acquitted of the murder of a man by witchcraft in 1671), and two beggars, Mary Trembles and Susanna Edwards, who had allegedly been spotted conversing and begging for food with Temperance. Together, they were suspected of making Grace Thomas - a local woman - ill, through supernatural means. Other accusations included that a demonic figure in league with Temperance had turned himself into a magpie and flown into Grace's window to peck at her while she slept. Grace later reported that she had suffered “sticking and pricking pains, as though pins and awls had been thrust into her body, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet.”

Though there was little evidence, all three women were found guilty and executed on August 25th at Heavitree, just outside Exeter. As remembrance, a plaque commemorating the women on the wall of Exeter's Rougemont Castle, where the trials were held, is dedicated to “the hope of an end to persecution and intolerance.”

The Pendle Witches

The case started in March 1612 in Lancashire when a young woman named Alizon Device was accused of witchcraft. The son of a peddler had claimed that Alizon had cursed his father and he died as a result of it, so Alizon was arrested. Alizon confessed, but she also accused her neighbours of witchcraft. Alizon said that Anne Whittle and her daughter Anne Redferne had cursed four people and they had died. Next, the accusations turned toward Alizon's grandmother, and lastly, when Alizon's mother threw a party, there were rumours that it was a gathering of witches and a number of people at the party were arrested.

Overall, 11 people were charged with witchcraft, and 10 of the accused were found guilty and hanged. This case was influential because writings from the trial were used in reference handbooks for magistrates, including those in the American Colonies.

The Samlesbury Witches

Following the Pendle Witch trial, the discovery that witchcraft was being practiced in Lancashire caused panic and paranoia that swept the whole country. In Samlesbury, three of the women it implicated were Jane Southworth, Jennet Bierley, and her daughter Ellen Bierley. Tried at the same Lancashire hearing as the Pendle witches, the trio were suspected of witchcraft by Jennet's 14-year-old granddaughter, and Ellen's niece, Grace Sowerbutts.

Grace accused the women of everything from shape-shifting (Jennet had reportedly transformed herself into a dog right before Grace's eyes), to mixing with demons (“black things going upright, yet not like men in the face,” as Grace described them), to cannibalism (the three women had supposedly abducted a young baby from a local merchant, Thomas Walshman, and drank blood from its navel; when the baby died a few days later, they were accused of robbing the grave and cooking the remains).

Interestingly enough, and as was so rare at the time, the Samlesbury trial was quickly turned on its head. With the evidence stacking up against them, Jane, Jennet and Ellen were finally given the chance to speak and immediately asked the judge to force Grace to tell the court who had coerced her into making the accusations against them. During interrogations, it emerged that a local priest had strong-armed Grace into incriminating her protestant relatives. All three women were acquitted.


From the 17th century, the term 'clairvoyant' was used to describe a psychic who used their third eye, as well as their insight from the spirit world, to detail people, locations, images and objects that relate to their clients during their readings. This could help to confirm events that may have happened to them in the past and present, helping them to deal with these situations and the aftermath of them, and allowing them to create a happier future.

There are four main types of clairvoyants:


Clear seeing, with the third eye. This is an intuitive knowing, where the reader gets a strong feeling from the object, for example.


Clear sensing or emotional layer sensing. This is where a psychic tunes into the emotional experiences of a person, place or animal, picking up on vibrations and the tones of their auras. They sense the person's being, their attitudes, emotions and thoughts, helping them to make sense of it all.


Clear hearing. The reader perceives sounds or words from spirits in their inner ear, usually through meditation.


Clear knowing. The ability to manifest thoughts and ideas from others.

The Spiritual Movement

By the 1800's, a new movement took hold in the UK and the USA, called The Spiritual Movement. This movement promoted psychic activity, encouraging people to consult with mediums to communicate with their deceased loved ones. Mediums were seen as sensitive people who were in touch with the next world, who, while in a trance-like state, could pass along messages from the other side. Some could also produce physical phenomena that were said to be the work of spirits, which included lights, unearthly music, object levitation, disembodied voices and sometimes, even actual apparitions.

All of this occurred during seances, where any number of people would sit around a large table, with the medium at the head. Sometimes the medium would sit in a cabinet while the spirits materialised and went about their spooky activities. While each seance was different, they did tend to all take place in a dimly lit room, because, as believers said, this provided less of a distraction to the audience and to the medium. Believers have also stated that since some spirits are luminous, the darkness made them easier to see. Those who weren't so convinced, however, had other ideas. They believed that the dark rooms hid any potential fraud, and these early doubters become the first paranormal investigators.

Spiritual movement

How Did They Hold Seances In The 1800's?

There were specific guidelines that were followed for holding a seance:

Prayers and hymns were sung to welcome in positive energy.

Low lighting was necessary for success.

Wherever possible, the number of sitters should include a balanced mix of males and females.

Newcomers should be limited in number within a group to allow a good balance of energy and experience.

Younger participants were thought to have stronger psychic energy, so bringing them along was encouraged.

Skeptics were discouraged from attending since their negative energy could have an effect on whether spirits would turn up.

Attendees should never grab the medium or take them out of their trance or channeling, as this could impact the results.

Such was their popularity that a safeguard was put in place to stop sitters becoming obsessed with spiritual contact. A person was not allowed to attend a group meeting more than once every two weeks, with a session lasting no longer than two hours each.

What Other Methods Were Used To Communicate With The Dead?

Spirit Trumpets:

Used to amplify the spirit's whispers, a spirit trumpet would be placed on the table, rising from it and float around the room emitting voices, and sometimes, even ectoplasm.

Spirit Slates:

This comprised two chalkboards that were tied together in the style of a book. The medium would open the slates during the seance to reveal a message written by the spirit.

Seance Tables:

These were special lightweight tables that floated, rotated or levitated when spirits were present.

Spirit Cabinets:

Sometimes to try and prove their worth, mediums would sit in a cabinet, with their arms and legs tied with ropes to show that they weren't manipulating anything during the seance.

Ouija Boards:

An ouija board consists of a board with letters, numbers and various signs around the edge, as well as a movable pointer. The participants place their fingertips on the pointer, the medium asks any present spirits questions and the spirit uses their energy to move the pointer around the board to spell out words or answer 'yes' or 'no' to any questions asked.


Sometimes, a pendulum and pendulum chart were used in a seance - for example - by placing a photo of a deceased individual on the chart, whose spirit would respond to questions the medium asked through the chart.

Psychics at the Turn of the Century

The fascination with psychics grew during the 20th century, with prominent psychologists and researchers conducting many psychic tests at prestigious universities such as Duke University in North Carolina, USA. Researchers such as William McDougal and Joseph Banks Rhine were famed for their own ESP (extrasensory perception) tests which comprised of decks of cards, with other researchers such as Charles Honorton, William Braud and Adrian Parker using ping pong balls. In this section, we'll take a look at two of these researchers, discussing what they did to test psychic ability and the results that they found.

J. B. Rhine

Considered the 'Father of Modern Parapsychology' - the study of paranormal and psychic phenomena, including telepathy, psychokinesis, reincarnation and apparitional experiences - he, along with his wife Dr Louisa E. Rhine, and Professor William McDougall conducted experiments on telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition using specially created cards known as Zener cards. Approximately the same size of typical playing cards, the deck comprised 25 cards, with each having 1 of 5 symbols on each: a cross, star, wavy lines, circle or square. Under various experimental conditions, participants would have to try to guess the cards. 5 correct guesses were expected by chance, and using advanced calculations, the researchers determined how improbable it would be to guess an excess number of cards correctly. In one set of experiments, 2400 total guesses were made and 489 correct guesses were noted. As they concluded in the paper, the statistical probability of this result is 1,000,000 to 1 and they therefore took this as significant evidence that 'something occurred'. In other words, some of these subjects had ESP, meaning they had the ability to pick up on information that they couldn't possibly have known beforehand, as in, it was beyond their 5 senses. As you can imagine, there was much skepticism around these studies, with some claiming that participants cheated or the experimenters weren't completely honest in their techniques.


Either way, by 1940, Rhine et al. had conducted 33 experiments, consisting of nearly 1 million trials, with processes in place to prevent possible sensory clues - for example by placing distance between the experimenter and participants to prevent cheating. 27 of the 33 studies produced statistically significant results, and interestingly, in the 5 years following this, 33 independent replication experiments took place at various laboratories across the world. 20 of these also produced statistically significant results, which was considered quite impressive.

Psychich Cards

Rhine also made other significant contributions to the world of psychic research, including…

  • Established and was director of a research lab dedicated to psychic research within an academic setting - the Rhine Research Center.
  • Founded the Journal of Parapsychology.
  • Standardized research procedures that could be replicated and reproduced by other experimenters and researchers, thus allowing comparison of results to support findings.
  • Managed to separate telepathy and clairvoyance in a lab setting, considering them different types of the same ability.
  • Developed a global network of researchers, working with the likes of Robert Thouless, Hans Bender, John Beloff, Gertrude Schmeidler, Robert Morris, John Palmer, Charles Honorton, Karlis Osis, James Carpenter, Erlender Harraldsson and KR Rao - all well-respected experimenters in the field.
  • Established the Parapsychological Association.

Wanting to share his findings with the world, he wrote various research papers and books that received much critical acclaim, and of course, much disapproval. Some of his most famous books include:

Extra-Sensory Perception. Boston: Boston Society for Psychic Research, 1934.

Extrasensory Perception after Sixty Years. With J.G. Pratt, B.M. Smith, C.E. Stuart, and J.A. Greenwood. New York: Henry Holt. 1940.

The Reach of the Mind. New York: William Sloane, 1947.

New World of the Mind. New York: William Sloane Associates, 1954.

Parapsychology: Frontier Science of the Mind. With J.G. Pratt. Springfield, Ill: C.C. Thomas, 1957.

Parapsychology from Duke to FRNM. With associates. Durham, N.C.: Parapsychology Press, 1965.

Parapsychology Today. With Robert Brier (Eds.) New York: Citadel Press, 1968.

Charles Honorton

The ganzfeld, another method used to test psychic ability was first developed by Charles Honorton, and applied to the study of psi by a further two researchers: William Braud, and Adrian Parker.

What Did The Ganzfeld Involve?

As described by Honorton and Bem in 1994:

The receiver is placed in a reclining chair in an acoustically isolated room. Translucent ping-pong ball halves are taped over the eyes and headphones are placed over the ears; a red floodlight directed toward the eyes produces an undifferentiated visual field, and white noise played through the headphones produces an analogous auditory field. It is this homogeneous perceptual environment that is called the Ganzfeld ('total field'). To reduce internal somatic 'noise,' the receiver typically also undergoes a series of progressive relaxation exercises at the beginning of the ganzfeld period. The sender is sequestered in a separate acoustically isolated room, and a visual stimulus (art print, photograph, or brief videotaped sequence) is randomly selected from a large pool of such stimuli to serve as the target for the session. While the sender concentrates on the target, the receiver provides a continuous verbal report of his or her ongoing imagery and mentation, usually for about 30 minutes. At the completion of the ganzfeld period, the receiver is presented with several stimuli (usually four) and, without knowing which stimulus was the target, is asked to rate the degree to which each matches the imagery and mentation experienced during the ganzfeld period. If the receiver assigns the highest rating to the target stimulus, it is scored a hit.

What Results Did The Ganzfeld Find:

Carrying out an assessment of 42 Ganzfeld studies in 1977, Honorton concluded that 23 had produced significant results of ESP performance, equating to a 55% success rate. Bem and Honorton (1994) reviewed a further 28 studies between 1983 and 1989 which saw a 35% hit rate. These results suggest that the ganzfeld is replicable, though as above, there was much skepticism surrounding the methods used. For example, Hyman (1982) suggested that 'sensory cuing' - such as marks on the target pictures - might make it easier for participants to distinguish between them.

Psychic Ability

Psychics In Modern Day

Regardless of skepticism, the belief in, and the advice sought from psychics has been steadily growing. A YouGov poll found that approximately one quarter of British people have consulted with a psychic, with half of these people doing so because they believe in them. That's not to say that skepticism hasn't been rising either. The same poll found:

Just 14% of respondents felt that psychics have a genuine ability to 'predict the future' and 'contact the dead'.

24% claimed that while they don't believe that psychics have any real ability, they do believe that those who claim to be psychics 'do believe' that they can predict the future or contact the dead.

34% of Britons felt that psychics were 'deliberately deceiving the public' by claiming to have skills that they don't possess.

Regardless of belief, those who visit psychics do so for various reasons, including:

  • The wish to communicate with a loved one who is no longer with us.
  • To discover what health risks they should be concerned about in the future.
  • For love advice, whether that's where to look for love or what the future has in store for a new couple.
reasons people go to psychics

How Can Clients Prepare For A Psychic Reading Today?

Our readers offer lots of advice on how to prepare for your reading, regardless of whether it's your first or thirty-first. We asked our network to tell us their top tips, and these were some of the helpful results:

Decide which type of reading that you want, because they all provide you with different types of information. If you were hoping for a palm reading but ended up getting a Tarot Card reading, you may not to be too happy with the results.

Choose an appointment at a time where you can truly relax and involve yourself, rather than inbetween two other appointments where you may be in a rush to get through the reading/stressed about missing the next appointment.

Find time to meditate or clear your head before the reading, as positive energy can help bring out the reading's full potential, providing you with the information that you are after.

Write down questions you'd like answers to beforehand, to help guide the reading, and ensure that you take notes during it. This not only aids memory, but means that you can look through the answers at a later time.

If you have a remote reading, avoid distractions such as the TV, radio and noisy people that may be in the background. Try to resist the urge to pick up another call during the reading too.

Don't try to trick a psychic with false information, because this negative energy only hinders the results that you could have gained.

Psychic Learning

With the world more accepting of psychics than in previous eras, there is now an abundance of online materials, lesson plans and even schools dedicated to the development of psychic abilities. If you've been interested in developing your own intuition and psychic power, then perhaps one of these classes, sessions of group meetings may interest you:

From The Psychic School:

  • Clairvoyant Meditation 101 Class.
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  • Psychic Abilities Workshop: Remote Viewing.
  • Clairvoyant Healing 103 Class: 5th Chakra Healing.

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  • How to Be Psychic - Psychic Development for Beginners.
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  • Psychic and Intuitive Development: Intuitive Evolution.
  • Psychic Protection and Psychic Self-Defence.
  • Channeling: Accessing messages from Guides and the Cosmos.
  • Psychic Power - Develop Your Telepathic Skills.
  • Psychic Power - Exercises To Develop Your Senses.

The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts:


John Academy:

  • Psychic Development Course.
  • Certificate in Psychic Tarot Coaching.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Reading Tarot.

Who knows? You may discover some hidden talents, or develop the ones you already have.

Psychics In Different Cultures


The word “Shaman' originates from Siberia, and is a combination of two words: “samarambi” meaning “to excite oneself,” and “sam-dambi” meaning to dance. A shaman, therefore is someone who excites himself by going into a divine state through drum beating and dancing, until he passes into a trance where his spirit leaves his body. In these moments of ecstasy, the shaman can connect to the spiritual realm, acting as an intermediary between spirits there and life on Earth. In many tribal cultures, a shaman is often responsible for both the physical and spiritual health of the tribe, and he or she may be asked to call on the spirits for help or to predict the future and interpret omens. Other skills include thought-reading, clairvoyance and firewalking.

Aspects of Shamanism

There are various aspects of Shamanism, which include:

  • Connecting with nature: Shamanic practices tap into the power that the Earth can provide, and finds its connection to the spiritual realm.
  • Healing: Shamanism is not only concerned with the health of individuals, but the health of the entire community, which includes plants, animals and all of life.
  • Spiritual Practice: Regular spiritual practice ensures the continued growth of both the body and soul, with the aim of creating internal and external harmony with all of creation.
  • Pilgrimage: Travelling to sacred places is an important part of shamanism. By honouring special rivers, lakes, mountains and caves, shamans revitalise the energy of the land.
  • Ceremonies: Ceremonies are held to honour the spirits of nature to help promote harmony and balance. Some cultures believe that these ceremonies are necessary to life's survival - so long as these ceremonies occur, the world will go on.

Becoming A Shaman

So how does one typically become, or realise, that they are a shaman? In some tribal cultures, shamans or healers often experienced an illness that gave them the knowledge they needed to heal themselves and then bring this wisdom to their flock. In other words, by learning how to cure themselves, they also learnt how to cure others. Because of this, shamans are also known as 'Wounded Healers'.

To actually become a shaman though, there are three key stages. These are the 'Calling', 'Training' and 'Initiation' process.

The 'Calling' can be difficult to comprehend, but there are some signs to take note of, if you're being called to the Shamanic path:

You feel a strong connection to nature: Shamans understand that everything on Earth is deeply interconnected through the web of Spirit. Nothing embodies this understanding better than nature and how it nurtures us.

You find it hard to fit in with others: In most cultures, Shamans are solitary people, often considered a little eccentric or 'different'.

You've had a near-death or out-of-body experience: To be a Shaman you must experience a ''death and rebirth'' and this is often an illness or traumatic event that causes some kind of internal, or external crisis. However, by overcoming it and healing, the Shaman becomes stronger and learns the wisdom from their experience, being able to share this with others to lessen their pain when they go through something similar themselves.

You've felt healing energy in your hands: Many Shamans are born with the ability to master living energy - to control and manipulate the energy in their bodies and in the bodies of others. If your hands always feel warm, then it's quite possible that you have healing energy within them.

You can read others: Some Shamans are born with ''vision'' - the ability to look at others and see the illnesses they have and the spiritual obstacles they need to overcome. Many potential Shamans state they have psychic skills such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

You have relatives who were healers: Many cultures believe that being a Shaman is an inherited gift that can only be passed down from generation to generation.

You have prophetic dreams: Some Shamans have the natural ability to travel between the realms, allowing them to bring back important guidance for others. Some even see visions of the future through their dreams.

You are visited by spirit animals: Spirit animals share vital information with Shamans and serve as reminders whenever we need help.

You see things others can't: Shamans have the ability to access other realms and hidden dimensions, opening their minds to new information that guides them in their journey.

You have physical abnormalities: It's been said that being born with an extra finger, toe or with a caul covering your head at birth are omens that the individual has a special connection to the spiritual plane.

You feel a calling to help others: Whenever a Shaman sees suffering, they feel the need to heal the sufferer, in a bid to restore harmony within the natural world.

You feel most at home in nature: Shamans act as bridges between nature and humans, taking lessons from the mountains, oceans, rivers, animals and teaching these to people. You may feel that nature is talking to you or that you feel most at peace and enlightened when immersed in the natural world.

Think you might have had the calling? Then we recommend you undergo training by a reputable mentor or spiritual guide.


Curanderos, who are similar to Shamans, are found in Latin America, and often mix indigenous healing methods with Christian belief systems and practices and communicate with spirits for guidance. Because they use plants and mystic rituals to heal and guide their patients, they are sometimes called witches because they have the ability to remove to apply curses or spells when their clients ask them to.

There are various types of curanderos, including:

Yerberos: A yerbero is a person who specialises in herbs and plants. They are highly-knowledgeable of the uses and remedies that herbs and plants can provide those in need of treatment.

Hueseros: A bonesetter and healer who works to meet the needs of the community he serves.

Parteras: A midwife, who helps pregnant women, offering guidance, support and advice, as well as aiding in the delivery of children.

Oracionistas: Working primarily through the power of prayer, they call upon the saints for guidance and support.

Although many Curanderos do have a specialty that they strongly identify with, that doesn't mean that they don't have skills elsewhere. For example a yerbero may also be a Partera.


Santeria is a religion that originates from the Yoruba people of Western Africa and migrated with the slave trade to America. It has taken many forms and names in various countries, but has gained the most popularity in the Caribbean and Cuba. The name ''Santeria'' comes from the encounter between African slaves and Catholics, in which the spirits - known as Orisha - become known as saints, or ''santeros''. In Santeria, the Orishas are spirits or manifestations of the god Oludumare that are contacted for help with human life. Priests and priestesses contact the Orishas through elaborate drumming and trance dancing where the Orishas enter the bodies of the dancers.

Who Are The 7 Orishas?

There are said to be over 400 Orishas, with the following 7 being the 'Seven African Powers':


Opens and closes the path to mankind. He rules the crossroads that men journey across and is widely considered to be the first Orisha created. All prayers are said to pass through Elegua before reaching any other Orisha, as he decides all destiny and fate.


The Orisha of motherhood. She is prayed to in matters of fertility and spiritual growth, and has been a source of comfort and strength to many in times of emotional crisis.


The goddess of love and abundance, she is prayed to for guidance on love and desire, helping those going through periods of uncertainty, loneliness and growth.


The Orisha of lightning, power, sensuality and passion. He is a beacon of strength and dignity.


The eldest of the Orishas, he is called upon in times of legal strife. Known for being a fair and honest judge, he provides strength to the innocent and justice to the guilty.


The Orisha of communication between the living and the dead.


The Orisha of tools and weapons, offering strength and protection to those with a battle to fight.

Together, these 7 Orishas symbolise a force that offers guidance and strength through all of life's woes.

Aboriginal Spirituality

Australian Aboriginal culture is widely-considered one of the oldest living cultures on Earth, and one that has remained true to its heritage and culture. The archaeological records agree that the Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years. Steeped in rich, spirituality, Aboriginals believe that the spirits of their ancestors have continued to inhabit the landscape since ancient times, even during periods of colonisation, guiding those still living will all aspects of life, and that this should never be doubted. As Michael Williams (an Aboriginal from the Goorang Goorang people of the South East Queensland area) states:

"Never doubt the presence of spirit and the ability of old ones who have passed to be there for you. Ask and they will come and 'show' themselves in some way. The land is alive with the spirits and presence of our ancestors and creation heroes."

Among some of the Australian Aboriginal peoples, the state of being is known as 'dadirri', meaning 'deep listening'. This is the belief that each of us has a special quality that allows each of us to make contact with a deep spring that lies within all of us. However, to connect with that spring, we must achieve a state of quiet, not too unlike meditation. It is this contemplative focus that helps to refresh each person's spirit, bringing them peace and tranquility, restoring health where there is illness and allowing them to connect with those whose guidance they seek. They believe that they can't live fulfilling lives unless they practice the same dadirri that has been passed down from generation to generation, therefore tying in the importance of these spirits, and spiritual practice.

To achieve dadirri, the shamans in Aboriginal societies possess various psychic abilities. For example, they can have out of body experiences where they can reach a higher state of consciousness and visit any place that would like to. Aboriginals believe that their shamans can travel to the moon or any other planet that takes their fancy. In fact, it's been claimed that many Aboriginals were not wholly impressed with the Apollo mission to the moon, as they couldn't understand why we would need machines to go there.


Healing (psychic surgery), sorcery, telepathy over huge distances and prophecy are also psychic abilities that Aboriginal shamans, and some Aboriginals in general, are said to have to.

The Types Of Psychics


Mediums are people who communicate with the spirit world, typically relaying messages, in one way or another, to loved ones who wish to speak to them. Some mediums receive intuitive information, in which images and words appear as mental impressions, that they pass on to their clients. Others hear actual auditory messages or see actual images of these messages. During a seance, some mediums may enter into a trance-like state, while others may be wide awake while passing along messages.

Interestingly, many people who are not highly trained mediums can still receive messages from the spirit world.

If you've ever thought that you may be a medium, then if you can identify with 15 of these statements from psychic medium, Amanda Linette Meder, then you may just be one!

You've always had an interest and belief in the paranormal.

You can walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness or emotions.

You recall seeing or sensing spirits as a child or know relatives who have.

You had an unexplainable fear of the dark, either in childhood or you have one now.

You have an active dream life, including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams.

You are woken up at night frequently and/or generally don't sleep well.

You've had that weird, creepy feeling in old buildings, cemeteries, or in places of trauma.

You've seen things out of the corner of your eye: white smoke, sparkles, shadows, figures.

Someone close to you has died, and you've been experiencing a lot of odd things.

You hear voices and have convinced yourself it's nagging thoughts, overactive imagination, or things you just made up.

You've had conversations with animals such as cats, dogs and wildlife.

You've been getting bad anxiety from out of nowhere, having a hard time breathing.

You hear strange noises in other rooms when no-one else is there or home.

You don't like to be alone, especially at night.

You've felt watched.

You, or someone you're related to, has pointed out spirits or paranormal experiences they've had.

You've had paranormal experiences yourself that you can't entirely explain.

Electronics, appliances, lights, and TVs all tend to go out or flicker around you.

You have a habit of delivering spirit smackdowns: profound lengthy manifestos to others, then after the words leave your mouth, you have no idea where the information came from.

You've developed a nervous twitch and it's been getting worse.

You've taken prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to avoid any of the above.

Have something important that you want to pass along to a loved one no longer with us? Our mediums are highly-skilled individuals who will do their utmost to ensure your message reaches the spirit world, and will explain in detail if they receive anything back.

Our mediums have received some great feedback in the past, such as:

"This lady is amazing She has helped me through a very important crossroads in my life from dealing with family issues to buying property. she is so accurate and such a good medium. I even organised a reading for my very sceptical son-in-law who was blown away and changed his views about "the other side". I cannot express how grateful I am and cannot recommend her strong enough."

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Clairvoyant readers use their third eye, as well as insight from the spirit world, to describe people, locations, images or objects that relate to their clients during their readers. This can help to confirm events that have happened to them in the past and present, allowing them to deal with them and consider how they could have an impact on their future. These readings can give them the confidence to continue with their current path, or make substantial changes to follow a new one.

Interestingly, many people who are not highly trained mediums can still receive messages from the spirit world.


As mentioned in the section titled, 'Psychics in 1600-1800s', there are four main types of clairvoyants:


Clear seeing, with the third eye. This is an intuitive knowing, where the reader gets a strong feeling from the object, for example.


Clear sensing or emotional layer sensing. This is where a psychic tunes into the emotional experiences of a person, place or animal, picking up on vibrations and the tones of their auras. They sense the person's being, their attitudes, emotions and thoughts, helping them to make sense of it all.


Clear hearing. The reader perceives sounds or words from spirits in their inner ear, usually through meditation.


Clear knowing. The ability to manifest thoughts and ideas from others.

Ever thought that you may be clairvoyant? See how many of these statements and signs that you can identify with:

1 Dreams are becoming more vivid.

2 You find yourself daydreaming a lot.

3 When you feel like there's a spirit in your space, you feel like you can see it in your mind and you have an idea of what that Spirit might look like.

4 You have had precognitive visions in dreams or in meditations - this can even happen on the yoga mat.

5 You are starting to see flashes of light or are having blurry vision.

5 You see things out of the corner of your eyes, to the point where you are double taking and double-checking that you didn't just see someone.

5 You're good coming up with descriptive metaphors to explain things.

5 When you listen to a conversation, you often have an inner scene playing out in your mind where you can see it unfolding as it's being discussed.

5 You often create entire scenes in your mind about the future.

Clairvoyants Eyes
Visual Flashes

You may also see visual psychic flashes, such as:

  • Floating orbs or colored “blobs” in the air.
  • Glowing light around people (their aura).
  • Shadows that seem like they are floating in the air.
  • Glittering or flashing lights in the air.
  • Movement or twinkling lights out of the corner of your eyes.

Interested in using your skills for good? Meet some of our team here.

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Frank G.

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Sarak K.

"Sabrina you are amazing, incredible, brilliant. Your gift is like no other. During a very challenging and significant period of my journey you were there to help me to make sense of what was going on that helped me to move forward. I am blown away by how authentic and effortless you read, and how incredibly spot on you are with everything. Thank you for journeying with me during this part of my journey. I will speak to you again soon."

Jennifer J.


Similar to Shamans, oracles are individuals who interact with the gods, spirits and deities on behalf of their community. The term ''oracle'' has been associated with many cultures both ancient and contemporary, dating back to the times of ancient Greece and Egypt. As discussed in the section, 'Psychics In Ancient Times', oracles were everywhere in ancient Greece and Rome, consulting with the gods on a regular basis through way of casting lots, observing signs and interpreting the entrails of those poor individuals sacrificed to the gods. Among other ancient oracular traditions that are still in practice today is the Tibetan Nechung Oracle. The Nechung Oracle plays a key role in religious and governmental decision-making, going into a trance-like state to gain guidance and wisdom from spirits and deities.


Though the Nechung Oracle's main focus is to protect the Buddha Dharma and its practitioners, they can also predict the future and heal their followers. In the early days, there were hundreds of oracles found throughout Tibet, but today only a few remain - the Nechung Oracle, being the premier one. Through him manifests Dorje Drak-den (Nechung), the principal protector divinity of the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has expressed his appreciation for the Nechung Oracle in his acclaimed autobiography, 'Freedom in Exile':

For hundreds of years now, it has been traditional for the Dalai Lama, and the Government, to consult Nechung during the New Year festivals. In addition, he might well be called upon at other times if either have specific queries. I myself have dealings with him several times a year. This may sound far-fetched to twentieth-century western readers. Even some Tibetans, mostly those who consider themselves 'progressive', have misgivings about my continued use of this ancient method of intelligence gathering. But I do so for the simple reason that as I look back over the many occasions when I have asked questions of the oracle, on each one of them time has proved that his answer was correct. This is not to say that I rely solely on the oracle's advice. I do not. I seek his opinion in the same way as I seek the opinion of my Cabinet and just as 1 seek the opinion of my own conscience. I consider the gods to be my 'upper house'. The Kashag constitutes my lower house. Like any other leader, I consult both before making a decision on affairs of state. And sometimes, in addition to Nechung's counsel, I also take into consideration certain prophecies.

The current oracle, Ven. Thupten Ngodup was born in Tibet in 1958 and is said to be a descendent of the famed tantric master Nga-dak Nyang-relwa. Due to the Chinese invasion, he fled with his parents to India, later joining the Nechung Monastery as a novice monk in 1971. In 1987, he was recognized as the true successor of the previous Nechung Medium, being officially enthroned in 1988 as the Nechung Medium, the Chief State Oracle of Tibet.

Other Forms Of Oracles

Oracles aren't always people, as evidenced by the Chinese I Ching. The I Ching is arguably the world's oldest oracle - a book of Chinese wisdom that comprises over 2,500 years of experience from diviners and sages, offering people help and guidance that touches every part of life. Today's version includes a collection of texts - full of advice, philosophy and poetry - divided into 64 'chapters'. These are known as the 64 hexagrams, which are a pile of 6 lines that are either broken or solid.

Forms of Oracles

When you consult the I Ching, you build up a hexagram line by line according to the results of coin tosses, yarrow sticks or the marbles taken from a bag. The lines point you to a particular collection of texts, and if one or more of your six lines is in the process of changing from solid to broken or vice versa, then there are also specific lines of text to read. More than just a chapter heading, it also provides a picture of how energy is flowing throughout your situation, and guides you on where you (your energy) should flow to next. You may be advised to wait, to learn, to begin again or to create something positive out of your situation.

I Ching Oracle

What Can The I Ching Help With?

The I Ching has helped countless people with:

  • Relationships.
  • Their Spiritual Practice.
  • Business Advice.
  • Important Decisions.

It's also helped lawyers with important cases.

As to be expected, the majority of people value the I Ching for its guidance with their relationships, because it provides answers that are in tune with all aspects of human interaction. The I Ching can bring greater understanding for the other person's feelings and how the situation looks from their perspective, allowing the couple to better prepare for the challenges ahead and work through current problems together.

A little different from fortune telling, the I Ching tells you what challenges and opportunities you may face if you go down a particular path and how you can navigate the obstacles you meet. In other words, the I Ching tells people the effect their choices will have, and provides them with guidance on how to achieve their goals.


Astrologists study the influence that cosmic objects, including the stars and planets, have on life. The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of our birth are said to shape our personalities, affect our relationships and help to map out our futures, giving us in depth knowledge into our lives.

There is no one unified theory or practice of astrology, but the most well-known are the star signs: the 12 constellations of the zodiac. These horoscopes, often called the sun signs, comprise the 12 signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Which Star Sign Are You?


21st March - 19th April

Positive Qualities: Spontaneity, Courage, Drive, Innovation and Explorer.
Most Compatible With: Leos and Sagittarii.

20th April - 20th May

Positive Qualities: Stability, Trustworthiness, Practicality, Loyalty and Creativity.
Most Compatible With: Virgos and Capricorns.

21st May - 20th June

Positive Qualities: Diplomacy, Tact, Enthusiasm, Wit and Intelligence.
Most Compatible With: Aquarians and Libras.

21st June - 22nd July

Positive Qualities: Loyalty, Tenacity, Intuition, Sensitivity and Persuasiveness.
Most Compatible With: Scorpio and Pisces.

23rd July - 22nd August

Positive Qualities: Self-awareness, Dignity, Optimism, Romantic and Dedicated.
Most Compatible With: Sagittarii and Aries.

23rd August - 22nd September

Positive Qualities: Perfectionism, Eloquence, Perceptive, Meticulousness and Thoughtfulness.
Most Compatible With: Taureans and Capricorns.

23rd September - 22nd October

Positive Qualities: Intelligence, Charm, Romantic, Diplomatic and Balanced.
Most Compatible With: Aquarians and Geminis.

23rd October - 21st November

Positive Qualities: Bravery, Faithfulness, Magnetism, Focus and Self-Assurance
Most Compatible With: Cancer or Pisces.

22nd November - 21st December

Positive Qualities: Fearlessness, Explorer, Self-dependent, Frank and Big-Hearted.
Most Compatible With: Leo and Aries.

22nd December - 19th January

Positive Qualities: Faithful, Determined, Responsible, Ambitious and Disciplined.
Most Compatible With: Virgos and Taureans.

20th January - 18th February

Positive Qualities: Curious, Truthfulness, Imaginative, Original and Frank.
Most Compatible With: Gemini and Libra.

19th February - 20th March

Positive Qualities: Emotional, Sensitive, Compassionate, Creativity and Intuitiveness.
Most Compatible With: Scorpio and Cancer.

What Other Types Of Astrology Are There?

Other types of astrology include Vedic astrology and Horary Astrology.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology (a.k.a Hindu astrology) is a system that originated in ancient India and was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as "Jyotish" (the science of light), Vedic astrology deals with astral light patterns that are thought to determine our destiny.

The basic premise of Vedic Astrology is that all things are linked, and that your karma or fortune is determined by a predestined cosmic design. We are all souls incarnated in a body at a very specific time and place, and your life is a reflection of the greater whole into which you are born.

Vedic astrology is used to determine everything from a baby's name and the right date for a marriage to a good time to buy a new car.

Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, the zodiac is a belt of stars located 360 degrees around the sun, and is divided into 12 equal parts. Each equal part of 30 degrees is called a sign (Sanskrit: Rasi). Each sign has a ruler or lord, that activates certain qualities of the sign based on its position in the zodiac:

  • Aries (Sanskrit: Mesha)
  • Taurus (Sanskrit: Vrishabha)
  • Gemini (Sanskrit: Mithuna)
  • Cancer (Sanskrit: Karkata)
  • Leo (Sanskrit: Simha)
  • Virgo (Sanskrit: Kanya)
  • Libra (Sanskrit: Tula)
  • Scorpio (Sanskrit: Vrischika)
  • Sagittarius (Sanskrit: Dhanus)
  • Capricorn (Sanskrit: Makara)
  • Aquarius (Sanskrit: Kumbha)
  • Pisces (Sanskrit: Meena)

Whereas western astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, Indian astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac. The difference between the two is that the tropical system is based on a fixed astrological map of the stars as they were around 0 AD. The sidereal system is based on the current position of the constellations.

Interestingly, over the years, the stars have slowly changed location relative to the Earth, which means that there is a twenty-four degree variance between the tropical system and the actual constellations. Therefore, it's likely that your sun sign is different in sidereal astrology than in tropical astrology.

According to sidereal astrology:

  • 1. You are an Aries if you are born between Apr 21 and May 12.
  • 2. You are a Taurus if you are born between May 13 and Jun 19.
  • 3. You are a Gemini if you are born between Jun 20 and Jul 16.
  • 4. You are a Cancer if you are born between Jul 17 and Aug 6.
  • 5. You are a Leo if you are born between Aug 7 and Sep 14.
  • 6. You are a Virgo if you are born between Sep 15 and Nov 3.
  • 7. You are a Libra if you are born between Nov 4 and Nov 22.
  • 8. You are a Scorpio if you are born between Nov 23 and Dec 6.
  • 9. You are an Ophiuchus if you are born between Dec 7 and Dec 18.
  • 10. You are a Sagittarius if you are born between Dec 19 and Jan 19.
  • 11. You are a Capricorn if you are born between Jan 20 and Feb 13.
  • 12. You are an Aquarius if you are born between Feb 14 and Mar 9.
  • 13. You are a Pisces if you are born between Mar 10 and Apr 20.

The Thirteenth Zodiac Sign

The sidereal system contains an additional star sign, named Ophiuchus, known as the serpent-bearer. If you're both under this star sign, you are spirited, magnetic, curious and clever. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, you're always looking to learn more about the world.

Interested in a psychic reading of your own? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our talented readers on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology

Horary is a form of astrology that deals with answering questions. The astrologer can make predictions from those questions by deciphering a horoscope from the moment the question is asked. The astrologer will draw up a chart by using the time of birth of the question, instead of the birth of their client. By judging the strength, position and aspects of the planets at the time the question is asked, they provide their clients with a reading and can reliably judge the corresponding events here on earth.

Many people go to a Horary astrologer with emotional concerns such as whether they're in the right relationship or if they should stay in a job they dislike. Other queries such as whether now is a good time to put their house on the market, if now is a good time to buy a new car or if they'll be getting that all-important promotion they've been after.

What do the stars have in store for you? A new lover? A new job? A new path? You don't have to leave it up to fate. Find out what could be coming your way with a reading from of our talented astrologists and horoscope readers:

"AMAZING. Wow. I love the astrology aspect and how they connect with the cards you use. It really resonated with me. All of the information was so accurate. Knows the planetary connections so well. I'm in awe. Highly recommend and so thankful we connected."

Hannah P.

"What an amazing lady. I have been working with spirit for over 40 years yet sometimes you need to have a reading yourself. Well this is the lady I will go to again! Her energy is true and pure and so is her intent. I like her straightforward manner, and how she answered all my questions"

Jessica P.

Angel Card Readers

Angel Card Readers access the energies of angelic beings that only want to love, care for and protect humanity. Having divine understanding for the human condition and acting in accordance with spiritual laws, these beings provide guidance and insight covering all aspects of human life and offer messages that aid encouragement and positive affirmations for whatever challenges their clients may face in life.

In her book 'Angelic Messenger Cards', Meredith Young-Sowers claims there are 6 aspects of spiritual energy that angels can teach us about, which are:

  • Reflection: Becoming aware of divine self.
  • Partnership: Growing spiritually in relationships.
  • Integration: Establishing harmony among your body, mind and spirit.
  • Alignment: Finding and performing meaningful work in line with your divine purposes.
  • Rejuvenation: Finding personal renewal in the natural cycles of life.
  • Nourishment: Choosing thoughts, foods and emotional responses that give spiritual fulfillment.

An angel card reading will reflect at least one of these energies, depending on the number of cards drawn. Best practices for Angel Card readings include:

Choosing a place free of distractions and clutter. Positioning yourself in a clean location where you can relax and feel at ease. Many psychics also add crystals such as Rose Quartz or Amethyst to help channel angel energy.

Before you shuffle your cards, invite angels into your room and touch the cards to infuse them with energy. If there is a specific Archangel or Spirit Guide you feel protected by and can easily connect with, call them in.

When you feel ready, ask a question before drawing a card from the deck and placing it neatly on the table that you are using.

Follow your intuition as you draw your cards, remembering that they are a tool to help you connect better with your angel. Greater analysis of the cards will help the words and imagery sink in, and allow you to retrieve the messages your angel guides are trying to convey to you.

"'It's been a pleasure! Mystica shows empathy towards the person, does not waste time, gets to the bottom of a situation, gives it to you straight and all in a sensitive manner - just like talking to a friend with the added bonus of an accomplished reader. I was despairing but after our consultation, I am now looking forward to the future. You've gone a long way to appease me. Thank you ever so much."

Jessica P.

"Wow fantastic reading with AngieAngel her spiritual input was phenomenal. Her voice was calming and she connected with me straight away and knew exactly where I was coming from. This lady has understanding and is a must. You won't be disappointed and thank you so much for the healing. I will definitely let you know how I get on in the near future."

Karen K.

"I've just had a brilliant reading with Angelic who is a young and well grounded reader, very intuitive and touched on all the things I had concerns about. Her responses were definitely from her spiritual guides as all her responses were on point, she is an excellent reader I will definitely be in touch again ... thank you again xxx"

Tayla M.


Numerologists, or Masters of Numerology, are psychics who decipher the meaning of numbers to determine the meaning they have in our lives. Revealing everything from our Life Path Number, Expression Number and Soul Urge Number, the complex calculations involved can help us decide which path to take, what opportunities and challenges we'll face along the way, and whether we have any hidden talents that may help us on our journey to happiness.


The Master Numbers
One of the most interesting facets of numerology are Master Numbers, most notably 11, 22 and 33. Should you receive one of these numbers during a reading, it could reveal the following about who you are, and what your life has in store:

Master Number 11 Widely considered to be the most intuitive of all of the master numbers, it signals insight and a connection to your subconscious and gut feeling. Those who have 11 in their date of birth chart are thought to be 'old souls' - able to handle stressful situations in a calm and relaxed manner. It's therefore no surprise that many psychics, clairvoyants and even prophets have 11 within them, further highlighted with its associations to faith and those who can predict the future. Those with the master number 11 tend to also be respectful, showing empathy and an understanding of others with a unique comprehension of other people's feelings and emotions.

If you have the Master number 11 in your Numerology chart, try tapping into it and use it to create personal power. Don't deny your instincts, instead using them to guide your journey towards inner growth and stability.

Famous people with master number 11 include Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Orlando Bloom, Chetan Kumar and Michael Jordan.

Master Number 22 The Master number 22 possesses more power than any other number, and is often referred to as ''the Master Beautiful''. They are pragmatic thinkers, capable of making crazy dreams a reality with their expertise and unending skill set. Their great potential for success is backed by its numerical associations - it has all of the intuition of the number 11, and the scientific approach related to the number 4 (2 + 2 = 4).

Unlike the calm and collected nature of 11, 22's can let stress get to them, which can sometimes result in applying too much pressure on themselves, or shying away from opportunities because of all the planning, preparation and work it may involve.

Famous people with master number 22 include Paul McCartney, Will Smith, Sri Chimnoy, Dale Earnhardt and John Kerry.

Master Number 33 The most influential of all the numbers, 33 combines the intuition and capabilities of 11 and 22 to take dreams to a whole other level. Dubbed ''the Master Teacher'', 33's are able to show devotion, rare wisdom and understanding regularly, and sometimes without communication. When using its full potential, there is no personal agenda, instead an unbiased look at what can be done, and how this will benefit everyone involved. A person with a 33 strongly featured in their chart has the ability to throw themselves into a project, regardless of the topic, and will happily seek out guidance and advice of those more in the know than they are. They would never practice what they don't preach.

Famous People with Master Number 33 include Stephen King, Salma Hayek, Robert De Niro, Albert Einstein and John Lennon.

Masters of Numerology claim that when you put all master numbers together, they create a triangle of enlightenment:

  • Master Number 11 represents vision.
  • Master Number 22 combines this vision with action.
  • Master Number 33 offers guidance to the world.

Interested in getting a numerology reading yourself? Why not give one of our psychics a call today to learn more about your future, and what the relations your numbers have to it.

Tarot Card Readers

Though there are various decks available for the avid Tarot Card reader - such as the 'The Rider-Waite Deck', 'The Angel Oracle Deck' and the 'The Universal Marseille Tarot' - every deck, comprises 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards represent life's karmic energy and the spiritual lessons we learn that help us to reflect and grow. The Minor Arcana cards reflect life's daily trials and tribulations and how to navigate them with ease. The Minor Arcana contains 4 suits too - pentacles, wands, swords, and cups - that each have their own meanings.

Tarot is all about intuition, using your mind and soul to speak through the heart. Drawing a card, or creating an entire spread can help us to understand the path we are on and where it could be leading us. There are a range of ways to lay out the cards and gain insight into your life, and these include:

Daily One-Card Pull

This method connects the card with your current state and reflects your life at this moment in time.

Past, Present, Future Spread

This method draws 3 cards from the deck, and tells you:
Past: Past energies and events that still affect you today, how this could be holding you back and what you should be taking from your past to move forward in life.
Present: The opportunities and challenges that are currently being presented to you, and the energy that surrounds them both.
Future: The path that you seem to be following, and what you may want in your future.

Love, Career, Health

This spread reveals the current state of your love life, career and health and asks you to question whether you are happy with this. If not, what changes are you willing to make for the better, and what new path will this lead down?

The Bridge

This spread helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you'd like to be. The Tarot Card reader asks the question, ''Where am I now?'' and pulls a card. They then ask the question, ''Where am I going?' and pulls another card from the deck. Lastly, to find out what they must do to reach their goal, they pull out another card and ask, ''How do I get there?"

Tarot Card Readers

The Major Arcana

As mentioned above, the Major Arcana comprise 22 cards, each with their own distinct meanings. These cards and meanings, dependent on the way the card is drawn includes:

The Fool - Innocence, free-thinking and new beginnings (drawn upright); Likes to take risks and recklessness (reversed).

The Magician - resourcefulness, dominant and can inspire action (drawn upright); Disorganised, manipulation and have not reached potential (reversed).

The High Priestess - Intuition, ability to tap into hidden talents and be a neutral force between positive and negative energy (drawn upright); Withdrawal, secrets and silence (reversed).

The Empress - Beauty, nurturing and abundance (drawn upright); Dependence and creative blocks (reversed).

The Emperor - authority, has foundations and is considered a father figure (drawn upright); inflexibility, domination and excessive control (reversed).

The Hierophant - spiritual wisdom, conformity and religious understanding (drawn upright); personal beliefs, freedom and going against the grain (reversed).

The Lovers - Peacefulness, sociability and values alignment (drawn upright); Imbalance, disharmony and self-love (reversed).

The Chariot - Willpower, determination and success (drawn upright); Defiance, lack of direction and in need of self-discipline (reversed).

Strength - Courage, influence and compassion (drawn upright); Inner strength, low self esteem and low energy (reversed).

The Hermit - Inner guidance, soul searching and like one's own company (drawn upright); Isolation, loneliness and withdrawal (reversed).

Wheel of Fortune - Good luck, destiny and being at a key turning point in your life (drawn upright); Bad luck, resistant to change and breaking the status quo (reversed).

Justice - Honesty, fairness and belief in what is right in the world (drawn upright); Dishonesty, unfairness and unwilling to take responsibility (reversed).

The Hanged Man - Surrendering, letting go and gaining new perspectives (drawn upright); resistance and stalling an important decision (reversed).

Death - Transformations, change and transitions (drawn upright); personal transformations and resistant to new beginnings (reversed)

Temperance - Modermation, patience and purpose (drawn upright); excessive nature, imbalance and in need of re-alignment (reversed).

The Devil - Addiction, shallow and sexual (drawn upright); dark thought, detachment and narrow beliefs (reversed).

The Tower - Awakening, chaos and a revelation (drawn upright); fear of change and personal transformation (reversed).

The Star - Renewal, hope and faith (drawn upright); despair, destruction and lack of belief in one's self (reversed).

The Moon - Anxiety, fear and longing (drawn upright); inner turmoil, repression and confidence (reversed).

The Sun - Vitality, warmth and success (drawn upright); infantilization, naive and potentially feeling down (reversed).

Judgment - Rebirth, forgiveness and a new calling (drawn upright); Not living up to one's full potential, self-doubt and inner critic (reversed).

The World - Achievement, completion and travel (drawn upright); Needing closure, expecting delays and growth (reversed).

"Wow! An awesome reader. I was stunned throughout the call. Still in shock now at the accuracy of Iordanka. Read the feedback prior to the call and I was not disappointed. Thank you for a great reading, nice to have listened/spoken to you. X"

Sarah K.

"Rainbow is the best, always accurate and her predictions come true every time. Her understanding of the tarot is second to none, and she has always been right, even when I didn't believe it. What's nice about her is she is humorous and down to earth - it's like speaking to a good friend. I highly recommend speaking to this lady, she is fab."

Aimee T.

"Wow! Had an amazing reading with Gary and he was spot on and accurate about my past and present. I can't wait for his future predictions to pass. He delivered the information with honesty and he's very kind. Thank you so much for the amazing reading. I will definitely contact you again in the near future Gary! Highly recommended! Hugs"

Portia D.

Our Tarot Card readers are waiting for your call, so why not get in touch with one of them today!

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards comprise 56 cards, again, each with their own set of meanings. The 56 cards are split into 4 suits of 14 cards each: the suit of Pentacles, the suit of Cups, the suit of Wands, and the suit of Swords. Each suit is numbered 1 to 10, and also includes a Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The 52 Minor Arcana Cards Include:


The 'Wands' determine how we handle obstacles, whether we give up too quickly and how we show strength and resilience.

Ace of Wands - Inspiration, growth and great potential (drawn upright); Lacking direction, delays and constant distraction (reversed).

Two of Wands - Progress, discovery and finding one's self (drawn upright); Fear of the unknown, lack of focus and need for a change (reversed).

Three of Wands - Foresight, travel and self-confidence (drawn upright); Failure, self-doubt and frustration (reversed).

Four of Wands - Celebrations, community spirit and security (drawn upright); Cancelled plans, lack of support and not fitting in.

Five of Wands - Arguments, chaos and opposition (drawn upright); Compromise, fear of confrontation and cooperation (reversed).

Six of Wands - Success, victory and goodwill (drawn upright); Disgrace, disloyalty and broken promises (reversed).

Seven of Wands - Standing up for what you believe in, being protective and maintaining control (drawn upright); Giving up, losing morality and feeling worn down (reversed).

Eight of Wands - Results, thinking on your feet, thinking ahead and seeing results (drawn results); Lack of romance, bad timing and impatience (reversed).

Nine of Wands - Drained energy, courage and learning from your past failure (drawn upright); Stubbornness, not learning from the past and having a chip on your shoulder (reversed).

Ten of Wands - Taken for granted, major challenges and resistance (drawn upright); Not up to the challenge, working hard but getting nowhere and too much stress (reversed).

Page of Wands - Optimistic, fearless and intelligent (drawn upright); Fearful, predictable and feeling uninspired (reversed).

Knight of Wands - Warm, self-assured and easily swept off of your feet (drawn upright); Jealous, volatile and overly competitive.

Queen of Wands - Courageous, passionate and assertive (drawn upright); Demanding, unfaithful and a trouble-maker (reversed).

King of Wands - Energetic, charming and passionate (drawn upright); Impulsive, setting a bad example and ineffective (reversed).


The Cups suit relates to feelings to love, feelings, relationships and connections, and when drawn, suggest we are thinking with our heart, and not our head.

Ace of Cups - New beginnings, socialising and new romance (drawn upright); Sadness, unrequited love and cancelled celebrations (reversed).

Two of Cups - Compatibility, harmony and attraction (drawn upright); Incompatibility, arguments and breakups (reversed).

Three of Cups - Reunions, festivities and happiness (drawn upright); Over-indulgence, cheating and affairs (reversed).

Four of Cups - Missed opportunities, self-absorption and boredom (drawn upright); Motivation, enthusiasm and focusing on the positive (reversed).

Five of Cups - Grief, loss and despair (drawn upright); Moving on, forgiveness and acceptance (reversed).

Six of Cups - Nostalgia, youthfulness and reunions (drawn upright); Independence, growing up and feeling a change is necessary (reversed).

Seven of Cups - Endless possibilities, wishful thinking and imagination (drawn upright); Lack of spiritual growth, decisiveness and focusing on the superficial (reversed).

Eight of Cups - Searching for the truth, leaving a bad situation and finding emotional strength (drawn upright); Fear of moving on, faking happiness and low self-esteem (reversed).

Nine of Cups - Fulfilment, achievements and recognition (drawn upright); Shattered dreams, disappointment and self-hatred (reversed).

Ten of Cups - Happiness, homecomings and domestic bliss (drawn upright); Rocky relationships, keeping up appearances and feelings of isolation (reversed).

Page of Cups - Idealism, emotionally-mature and romance (drawn upright); Bad news, jealousy and promiscuity (reversed).

Knight of Cups - Imaginative, warmth and affection (drawn upright); Lack of diplomacy, avoiding confrontation and moodiness (reversed).

Queen of Cups - Kindness, faithful and a daydreamer (drawn upright); Insecure, manipulative and unfaithful (reversed).

King of Cups - Romantic, compassionate and generous (drawn upright); Feeling overwhelmed, moody and anxiousness (reversed).


The Suit of Swords symbolises the balance between intellect and power and how they can both be used for good and evil. Relating to our mental level of consciousness, these cards centre around our mind and intellect.

Ace of Swords - Clear thinking, ability to concentrate and new beginnings (drawn upright); Lack of communication, confusion and hostility (reversed).

Two of Swords - Sitting on the fence, divided loyalty and inability to see the truth (drawn upright); Emotional turmoil, postponements and holding onto resentment (reversed).

Three of Swords - Separation, unhappiness and confusion (drawn upright); Overcoming depression, recovering from heartbreak and reconciliation (reversed).

Four of Swords - Feeling overwhelmed, mental overload and introspection (drawn upright); Finding mental strength, restlessness and not accepting support and guidance (reversed).

Five of Swords - Self-sacrifice, underhanded behaviour and deception (drawn upright); compromise, communication and releasing stress (reversed).

Six of Swords - Healing, moving on and the calm after a storm (drawn upright); Lack of progress, causing trouble and instability (reversed).

Seven of Swords - Underhanded, dangerous behaviour and mental manipulation (drawn upright); Turning over a new leaf, ignoring warnings and being outsmarted (reversed).

Eight of Swords - Punishment, drama and feeling restricted (drawn upright); Taking control, self-belief and overcoming obstacles (reversed).

Nine of Swords - Deep unhappiness, inability to cope or face life and mental anguish (drawn upright); Light at the end of the tunnel, accepting help and opening up (reversed).

Ten of Swords - Exhaustion, hitting rock bottom and severing ties (drawn upright); Escaping ruin, pulling yourself together and fears coming true (reversed).

Page of Swords - Thinking before you speak, not getting drawn into arguments and being inquisitive (drawn upright); lack of mental agility, having your head in the clouds and feeling paranoid (reversed).

Knight of Swords - Seizes the moment, courageous and impulsive (drawn upright); missed opportunities, insincerity and cowardness (reversed).

Queen of Swords - Independent, chatty and protective (drawn upright); overly critical, pessimistic and obsessive (reversed).

King of Swords - Rational, honest and head over heart (drawn upright); Irrational, aggressive and dishonesty (reversed).


The Pentacles suggest the amount of abundance we have in our lives. They reveal whether we are emotionally open to the universe's generosity or not. They provide a 360-degree picture of our ability to meet our most primal worldly needs, and clarify the why's and the how's.

Ace of Pentacles - New financial opportunities, investments and stability (drawn upright); Excessive spending, poor financial control and greed (reversed).

Two of Pentacles - Resourcefulness, adaptability and trying to find balance (drawn upwards); Poor financial decisions, biting off more than you can chew and having no contingency plan (reversed).

Three of Pentacles - Commitment, teamwork and determination (drawn upright); Poor work ethic, no goals and no motivation (reversed).

Four of Pentacles - Hoarding, possessiveness and financial stability (drawn upright); Generosity, sharing and giving to others (reversed).

Five of Pentacles - Negative change in circumstances, feeling left out in the cold and financial loss (drawn upright); Positive change, becoming financially secure and recovery from losses (reversed).

Six of Pentacles - Gratitude, kindness and prosperity (drawn upright); Lack of charity, undervalued and abuse of power or position (reversed).

Seven of Pentacles - Things coming to fruition, hard work paying off and manifestation of ideas or goals (drawn upright); Aimlessness, procrastination and not putting effort in (reversed).

Eight of Pentacles - Reputation, craftsmanship and quality (drawn upright); Bad reputation, carelessness and poor concentration (reversed).

Nine of Pentacles - Rewards through hard work, collecting on investments and status (drawn upright); Shady investments, working too hard and not earning your wealth (reversed).

Ten of Pentacles - Business empire, domestic bliss and solid foundations (drawn upright); Instability, breaking traditions and fighting over money (reversed).

Page of Pentacles - Setting goals, taking advantage of opportunities and loyalty (drawn upright); Lacking common sense, no follow through and procrastination (reversed).

Knight of Pentacles - Working for what you want, making your dreams come true and ambition (drawn upright); Lack of common sense, broken promises and disloyalty (reversed).

Queen of Pentacles - Social butterfly, financially independent and nurturing (drawn upright); Social climber, disorganised and pretentious (reversed).

King of Pentacles - Bettering yourself, faithful and dependable (drawn upright); Poor judgement, hasty decisions and unsupportive (reversed).

Psychic Skills

Psychic readers may use a range of specialist skills to provide their clients with answers to the questions they seek, and what follows are a range of them. Has a psychic even used one of these at one of your readings?

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to project your conscious awareness outside of your physical body, and when this happens involuntarily, it's called an out-of-body experience. This begins with an experience of leaving the body and consciously observing it from a detached perspective. With practice and lucidity, awareness can be directed to locations or activities such as flight. In fact, if you've ever had dreams where you've been flying, you've had OBEs. Astral projection can also be achieved through meditation.

Astral Projection


If you've ever picked up a piece of jewellery, held an article of clothing or touched a piece of furniture and instantaneously felt a strong connection to it, and who the owner was, then that's psychometry. This skill is based on the belief that the objects we use and wear every day becomes infused with our spiritual energy. By touching these objects, a psychic might get impressions of certain words, colours or feelings that reveal facts about the last person who owned or used it.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant place, person, or event without using your physical senses, or knowledge. Many of us experience this from time to time, as an intuitive piece of insight that turns out to be correct. In fact, many famous business people have attributed their success to remote viewing, such as George Soros, Conrad Hilton, Thomas Edison and Akio Morita.

Astral Projection


Divination has been used throughout history as a way to gain insight into a situation or to gain answers to important questions in a ritualistic way. Diviners suggest how the client should act by reading and deciphering signs, omens or messages from spirits. There are various tools that diviners use, including:

This typically involves small objects such as pebbles, crystals, sticks or dice. For example, a psychic may use 13 lightly-coloured pebbles and 13 dark pebbles, and place them in a bag or bowl. Asking a question, they'll close their eyes and grab a handful of stones. If there are more light pebbles, the answer could be in their favour. If there is the same amount of each, then the psychic may try again later.

A technique often used to receive answers to 'yes' and 'no' questions. Using a pendulum or a dowsing rod, they'll be drawn to the answer. Some use dowsing to locate missing objects, bodies of water or to determine a room's energy.

Uses stones, crystals and rocks to provide the client with meaning. A psychic may, for example, put 10 different crystals and stones is a bag - such as ruby, white quartz, amethyst, emerald, jade, coal, agate, rose quartz, peridot and topaz - shake them, have you ask a question, and then pull a crystal out as your answer. Rose quartz may mean that you'll find love soon, whereas amethyst may mean good fortune is on its way, for example.

Scrying is all about revealing the unknown and unseen, and usually involves a reflective surface, such as crystal, a mirror or water. However, there are other kinds, including fire scrying and oil scrying. With fire scrying, psychics will stare into the flames, and receive visions this way. Oil scrying however, can be incorporated in various ways, such as pouring oil into a dish and interpreting its meaning, or even rubbing it on your body. The light that reflects off the oil is what you need to take in and interpret.


Telepathy occurs when a psychic imparts information to another person, and is often described as having the power to put thoughts into someone's head from afar. It may also be used to read someone else's mind.

There are various types of telepathy, including:

Instinctual Telepathy
When an individual recognises the feelings or needs of another person even though they are miles apart. This happens between people who share strong emotional bonds, such as parents and children, partners, and best friends.

Mental Telepathy
A form of extra sensory perception that allows a person to have direct mental communication with another person, free of any possible misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Intellectual Telepathy
Where entire concepts are communicated in the blink of an eye with complete coherence.

Animal Telepathy
Psychics with the ability to communicate telepathically with animals are known as pet psychics, establishing a psychic connection with the thoughts and feelings of animals.

To learn more about the skill sets of our readers, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of them today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

Famous Psychics

Some of them you'll know. Some of them you may have heard of. Some of them will be complete mysteries. In this section, we present famous psychics from throughout history that we believe deserve some recognition. Do you have a favourite?

Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945)

Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, Cayce's psychic abilities started appearing in his early childhood. He was able to see and talk to his grandfather's spirit, and regularly played with ''imaginary friends'' whom he said were spirits from the other side. As he grew older, he found that he had the ability to go into trances, by simply lying down on a sofa, closing his eyes and folding his hands over his stomach. In this state, he could connect with space, time and the universe, responding to questions visitors would ask him, such as, ''What is my purpose in life?'' and ''What can I do to help my upset stomach?''. His responses were known as ''readings'', of which he gave over 14,000.

Some of his famous readings were said to predict the following events:

  • The 1929 stock market crash.
  • World War II.
  • The shifting of the earth's poles.
  • The ability of medical science to diagnose illnesses with just a drop of blood.
Edgar Cayce

Jeane Dixon (1904 -1997)

Jeane Dixon

When she was young, Dixon was given a crystal ball by a gypsy fortune-teller who identified her as a fellow psychic. By 9, she started receiving prophetic visions, and at 14, she was predicting the futures of famous Hollywood celebrities. Most famously, and tragically, in 1942, Dixon told the film actress Carole Lombard not to travel by plane for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, she ignored her advice, and on the way back from a trip, the plane she was on crashed into the mountains in Las Vegas during a violent storm, killing her.

Other famous Dixon predictions include:

  • The election of John F. Kennedy in 1960.
  • The assassination of JFK in 1963.
  • The assassination of Robert Kennedy.
  • The launch of Sputnik.

Relied on by Ronald and Nancy Reagan for insight into their futures, she is known as one of the most famous American psychics of all time.

John Edward (1969 - ?)

For over three decades, John Edward has helped thousands of people with his ability to predict future events and communicate with the dead. Known for his down-to-earth approach that is both humorous and supportive, he has unsurprisingly gained quite the following. 'Crossing Over', his TV show, revolutionised the psychic world, being the first show syndicated worldwide that focused on psychic mediumship, running for four series. His broad appeal has led to various tours across the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland and expert appearances on shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.

John Edward

Allison DuBois (1972 - ?)

Allison DuBois

Allison has communicated with the dead since she was six years old, when her grandfather came to her and told her that he was still with her, and for her mother not to worry as he was in no more pain. Using her ability to help others who want to contact their deceased loved ones, she's also helped law enforcement agencies to solve crimes, including the Texas Rangers and Glendale, Arizona's police department.

According to TV Guide, DuBois spent four years participating in tests at the University of Arizona to help with their studies on mediums and psychic phenomena. The VERITAS research project concluded that DuBois has psychic abilities, with Gary Schwartz, director of the program, stating, "Anyone who's looked closely at the evidence can't help but come to the conclusion that there is something very real going on here."

If the name sounds familiar to you, then you may have watched the show Medium. She is the psychic channeler upon whom the show is based.

Tyler Henry (1996 - ?)

Tyler first realised his gift of clairvoyance at ten years old, when he woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that his grandmother was about to lose her fight with cancer. Unfortunately he was right, with his family receiving the call moments later. Since his teens, he has been offering readings to family and friends, becoming known as the Hollywood Medium, when this extended to celebrities, and because of his show with the same name.

Tyler has done readings for celebrities including:

  • Rebel Wilson.
  • Jim Parsons.
  • Khloe Kardashian.
  • Tom Arnold.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Boy George.
  • Tyler Oakley.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
Tyler Henry

The Psychic Twins (1965 - ?)

The Psychic Twins

With over 25 years' of professional experience as psychic mediums, identical twins Terry and Linda Jamison have amazed the world with their predictions, which have included:

  • JFK's death in a small plane.
  • The Lufthansa Germanwings Airline crash.
  • Hurricanes Sandy, Isaac, Irene, Harvey, Irma and Maria.
  • The Sony cyberattack by North Korea.
  • All of 2009's Oscar winners.

Having made over 3,000 accurate world predictions, they are perhaps most well-known for their prediction of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attacks of 2001 - made on the radio show Coast to Coast AM, on November 2, 1999.

They have also seen great commercial success, with:

  • Four bestselling books: You Can't Fix Stupid; Died Too Young; Psychic Intelligence; Separated At Earth: The Story Of The Psychic Twins.
  • Making hundreds of appearances on international TV and radio, such as: Good Morning America; Tyra Show; Saturday Night Live; Today Show; Sunrise Australia.
  • Starred in 16 documentary films, including: Extreme Twins; Hollywood Ghost Stories; Yahoo Unfiltered ''The Psychic Twins''.

Peter Hurkos (1911 - 1988)

Born in 1911 in the Netherlands, Peter gained psychic abilities in 1941 after falling from a ladder and suffering a brain injury, which left him in a coma for three days. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he had the ability to see through the barriers that separate the past, present and future, and with complete accuracy, could see into the unknown. He gained notoriety as a psychic detective, working on cases involving missing planes, persons and murder victims.

His most famous cases include:

  • "The Stone of Scone" (London, England).
  • "The Boston Strangler Multiple Murders" (Boston, Massachusetts).
  • "The Missing Thai Silk King, Jim Thompson" (Asia/Thailand).
  • "The Ann Arbor Co-Ed Murders" (Ann Arbor Michigan).
  • "The Sharon Tate Murders" (Los Angeles, California).
Peter Hurkos

In 1956, Hurkos travelled to the USA to be tested by Andrija Puharich at his Glen Cove, Maine medical research laboratory. The results convinced Dr. Puharich that Hurkos' psychic abilities were far greater than any he had ever tested - a 90% accuracy rate.

Having been a consultant to every US President from Eisenhower to Reagan, he has also made multiple television and radio appearances, which include: The Merv Griffin Show; The Johnny Carson Show; Ed Sullivan Show; The Regis Show; Geraldo.

Colin Fry (1962 - 2015)

Colin Fry

Born in Haywards Heath in Sussex, Fry discovered his psychic abilities when he was 4 years' old, when he told his grandfather that his great grandmother had, "died and gone to heaven". They received a telegram the next day confirming that she had, indeed, passed on. By the time he was 17, he was demonstrating his psychic abilities in local spiritual churches, offering guidance and support to those who requested it. It wasn't until 1996, however, that he decided to become a full-time medium, due to his stepbrother, Michael, passing on. Fry had nursed him for years, and wanted a way to keep this relationship intact.

Due to his gifts, Fry began touring, offering readings to audiences across the UK, with his big break in television coming with the show 6ixth Sense. On this show, he made contact with the deceased friends and relatives of members of the studio audience. Other notable TV appearances included Psychic Private Eyes and Most Haunted.

In New Zealand, he starred in the TV series, The Happy Medium - also the name of his 2012 autobiography - and hosted Den Andre Siden (The Other Side) for Norwegian television. A best-selling author, he also published a range of books concerning his psychic abilities, including:

  • Life Before Death.
  • By Your Side: How the Spirits Can Help You Every Day.
  • Secrets from the Afterlife.
  • The Happy Medium: My Psychic Life.
  • The Message: Seven Steps to Hope and Healing.

Fry went on to become a reverend of the Spiritualist Church, before dying of lung cancer in 2015.

Sally Morgan (1951 - ?)

Inheriting her ability from her grandmother, Gladys - who was incidentally called 'the witch of Fulham' because of her psychic abilities - Sally first saw a spirit when she was 4 years' old. Considering them her 'invisible friends', they would appear to her in the art cupboard at school. As she grew older, and her ability to connect with ghosts grew stronger, her mother took her to Spiritualists meetings, and it was there where she met famed medium Joseph Benjamin who recognised her potential and predicted that she would become a professional medium.

Uma Therman, George Michael and Princess Diana have all benefited from her counsel, reading for the latter for over 4 years. Along with a TV show, an array of books including, 'Call Me Psychic' and 'My Psychic Life', she is lovingly known as, 'Britain's Best Loved Psychic'.

Sally Morgan

Irene Hughes (1920 - 2012)

Irene Hughes

Born in Tennessee, she discovered her psychic abilities when she was just 4. Led by fairies, she climbed up the attic of her house and was greeted by a spirit, that she knew was not of this world. He told her that her housemaid, Lucy, would give her some jewellery, and that she may also receive a doll. Sure enough, later that afternoon, Lucy gave Irene a string of brass beads which meant a lot to her, and the next day, she received a doll from two friendly neighbour girls because they had outgrown it. This was just the first of her correct predictions. When she was 9, she told her mother, 'Someday I'll go to Chicago and live, and I'll marry a man from Michigan.' She ended up doing just that.

Listed by Pageant Magazine as one of America's top ten psychics after she correctly predicted the deaths of JFK and Robert Kennedy in a newspaper column, she also predicted the Chicago Blizzard of 1967. Making tens of thousands of predictions for government officials, celebrities, royalty and the rich and famous, such as Howard Hughes and Ted Kennedy, she was also admired by law enforcement agencies, assisting in over 2,000 murder investigations.

At her peak, she made regular appearances on The Merv Griffin Show, Regis Philbin's Saturday Night in St. Louis and A.M. Los Angeles. A best-selling author, her books include, 'Memoirs of a Psychic and Astrologer; Predictions of the Past, Now, and Future' and 'ESPecially Irene. A Guide To Psychic Awareness'.

Did You Know?

Mark Twain may be better known as the writer behind, 'The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer' and 'The Innocents Abroad', but he believed that he possessed psychic abilities that helped him see into the future. One of his famous prophetic dreams comprised of him seeing his brother in a coffin, who, in actuality, died a few weeks later in a boating accident. Oddly enough, Twain also predicted his own death as well. Born in 1835, a year when Halley's Comet could be seen from the night sky, Twain predicted that he would die when the comet was visible again. In 1910, Halley's comet returned, and so did Twain's body back to the earth.

Russell Grant (1951 - ?)

Russell Grant

Born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, in 1951, Russell's career took off in 1978 after he created an astrological chart for the Queen Mother while running an exhibition for the British Astrological Association. After being introduced to Princess Margaret and Diana, he became known as "Astrologer Royal'', his demand only grew, as did his celebrity status. His first television appearance was on the show, 'Extraordinary', and he had regular slots on Richard and Judy and This Morning, as well as BBC's Breakfast Time where he presented the Your Stars section in the 1980s. With appearances on reality TV shows including Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Masterchef, he's also released several books, including

  • The Illustrated Dream Dictionary (1991)
  • The Book of birthdays (1996)
  • You Can Change Your Life (2006)
  • Russell Grant's Art of Astrology (2015

His horoscopes can also be found online and in newspapers, such as the Express.

Chip Coffey (1954 - ?)

Chip Coffey is a multi-talented and highly reputable psychic - boasting skills in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, as well as being a medium. He has psychic energy flowing throughout his heritage - his great grandmother was a medicine woman, his mother was a psychic, and his grandmother read tea leaves. Due to this, his psychic abilities were encouraged, and his childhood was filled with paranormal activity. In his book, 'Growing Up Psychic', he writes about seeing levitating pinecones and shirts rising up in the air. After careers in counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management, he decided to become a full-time psychic in 2001, having conducted over 20,000 readings for clients all over the world since. His groundbreaking television show, 'Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal' aired on the A&E and Biography networks for three seasons, to much critical acclaim. He also made appearances on shows including Paranormal State and Larry King Live, and has been featured on Kindred Spirits, Exorcism: Live!, Haunted Collector, Real Fear: The Truth Behind More Movies, Good Morning America, Nightline, and CBS's Sunday Morning.

Chip Coffey

A strong believer in God and His Angels, Chip believes that miracles, great and small, happen each and every day.

James Van Praagh (1958 - ?)

James Van Praagh

Considered a spiritual pioneer and one of the world's most celebrated psychics, James Van Praagh has enjoyed an extensive career spanning three decades. Throughout his career, he has helped people from all walks of life tune into their innate gifts, connect with spirit and be a source of comfort to those who are dealing with pain and grief. Among his many achievements:

  • Guest appearances on shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King Live, 20/20, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, Beyond Belief, Biography, Coast to Coast, 48 Hours.
  • The #1 New York best-selling author of Talking To Heaven, Reaching To Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond, Meditations, Ghosts Among Us, Unfinished Business, How to Heal a Grieving Heart, Adventures of the Soul, The Power of Love, and Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides
  • Launched The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts - an online school offering a wide range of learning experiences and courses, including: SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH CERTIFICATION; PSYCHIC & INTUITIVE CERTIFICATION; THE JVP MEDIUMSHIP CERTIFICATION; THE JVP SPIRITUAL HEALER CERTIFICATION COURSE

His horoscopes can also be found online and in newspapers, such as the Express.

Sylvia Browne (1936-2013)

Born Sylvia Shoemaker in Kansas in 1936, Missouri, she worked as a teacher for 18 years before deciding to change careers and train as a trance medium. A controversial woman who was thought to fabricate stories around missing, and dead, children, she did, at times, come under much scrutiny. Still, this didn't stop her being sought-after by the public, and her popularity landed her appearances on shows such as: Unsolved Mysteries; In Search Of …; That's Incredible; The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet; Loveline with Dr Drew. She was also a weekly guest on the Montel Williams Show for over 17 years.

She also has over 50 published works due to her research into parapsychology with 22 appearing on the New York Times Bestsellers List. These include:

Sylvia Browne
  • Adventures of a Psychic.
  • The Other Side and Back.
  • Life on the Other Side.
  • Book of Dreams.
  • Contacting Your Spirit Guide.
  • Book of Angels.
  • Visits from the Afterlife.
  • Prophecy, Secrets & Mysteries of the World.

Helena Blavatsky (1831 - 1891)

Helena Blavatsky

Born Helena Petrovna von Hahn in Ekaterinoslav, a town on the river Dnieper in Ukraine, she loved to surround herself with mystery as a child, claiming that throughout her childhood that she never felt alone, as ghostly figures (whom she called ''hunchbacks'') kept her company. Nothing made her more certain of her psychic abilities than when she was once riding a Cossack horse. She fell from the saddle when her foot became entangled in the stirrup, but she felt a strange sustaining power around her during the incident, which seemed to hold her up in defiance of gravitation.

In 1875, along with Colonel Henry Steel Olcott, William Quan Judge and several other leading psychic figures, she founded The Theosophical Society to spread the word about the ancient teachings of Theosophy - wisdom concerning the Divine which had been the spiritual basis of other great movements of the past, such as Neo-Platonism, Gnosticism, and the Mystery-Schools of the Classical world. In 1877, her first major work 'Isis Unveiled' was published, and in this book, she criticised the science and religion of her day and claimed that mystical experience and teachings were the true means by which to reach spiritual insight. It's impact was felt throughout the world, selling out within the first 10 days of its release.

Other literary successes include:

  • The Secret Doctrine.
  • The Voice of the Silence.
  • The Key to Theosophy.

Jane Roberts (1929 - 1984)

One of the major catalysts for the New Age Movement, Jane was born in Albany, New York in 1929. A relatively normal childhood, it wasn't until 1963 when Jane and her husband Robert began experimenting with a Ouija board and entered into a trance that she truly started to believe in life beyond the grave. In her meditative state, she began channeling an entity that she named 'Seth'. According to Jane, he was compassionate and cared deeply about the human condition, and she felt the need to share his wise words with the rest of the world, due to his thoughtful guidance on personal healing, spiritual development, and limitless creativity. Therefore, Jane wrote books on his teachings, including:

  • Seth Speaks.
  • The Coming of Seth.
  • The Nature of Personal Reality.
  • The "Unknown" Reality.
Jane Roberts

Seth's words have touched generation after generation, with some of his most popular quotes including:

"You create your reality according to your beliefs and expectations, therefore you should examine these carefully. If you do not like some aspect of your world, then examine your own expectations"

"Nothing exists - neither rock, mineral, plant, animal or air - that is not filled with consciousness of its own kind. So you stand amid a constant vital commotion, a gestalt of aware energy, and you are yourselves physically composed of conscious cells that carry within themselves the realization of their own identity, that cooperate willingly to form the corporeal structure that is your physical body"

"Do not personally give any more conscious consideration"..."to events that you do not want to happen. Any such concentration, to whatever degree, ties you in with those probabilities, so concentrate upon what you want..."

"...the true brotherhood of man can only be achieved by allowing the freedom of thought, under the banner of cooperation."

Baba Vanga (1911 - 1996)

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in what is now known as the Republic of Macedonia in 1911. As a young girl, she unfortunately found herself caught in a storm, her eyes filling with sand and dust, which left her with very weak sight, eventually leading to her blindness. Interestingly, it is this loss of sight that was said to be the source of her psychic powers as it allowed her to see “invisible creatures” that told her about events currently happening in far away places, as well as events that were yet to happen.

Her most notable predictions include:

  • The Breaking Up Of The Soviet Union.
  • The Date Of Stalin's Death.
  • The Chernobyl Incident.
  • The September 11 Attacks.

To this day, her millions of followers believe she had paranormal abilities including telepathy and being able to communicate with aliens. Specialists have even calculated that 68% of her prophecies have come true - a true testament to her psychic abilities.

Wolf Messing (1899 - 1974)

Wolf Messing was born in Poland in 1899, while it was still part of the Russian Empire. Growing up, his parents wanted him to become a Rabbi, and he was trained at a seminary to learn the teachings of Judaism. Knowing deep down that he has another mission in life, he ran away and took a train to Berlin. Though initially living in poverty, he managed to find a gig at a circus, where he wowed audiences with his abilities to find hidden things, read minds, predict the future and use the power of suggestion to confuse and delight audiences.

There are many stories of Messing's talents but perhaps one of the most famous concerns Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein. Both men, intrigued by what they'd seen in Messing, decided to conduct a series of experiments. In one of them, Freud transmitted a thought to Messing. The latter then left the room, got a pair of tweezers and returned to pluck 3 hairs from Einstein's mustache - exactly what Freud had been thinking of.

Wolf Messing

During his life, Messing was an avid traveller, and his presence attracted the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, and Polish President Piłsudski. In fact, one of his most famous prophecies occurred in a Polish theatre: “If Hitler goes to war against the East, his death awaits him.” It's said that when Hitler heard of Messing's prophecy, he ordered a 200,000 Reichsmarks bounty on Messing's head.

While in Russia, Messing predicted the outbreak of war, being off by just one week. He also had visions of Soviet tanks entering Berlin.

Until his death in 1974, Wolf Messing had an air of mystery and intrigue around him. There are many today who still believe that he was a real mystic, blessed with supernatural powers and talents beyond what is within the realm of reason.

Did You Know?

Though many psychics relish in their gifts, others are often reluctant to explore their talents, regardless of how talented they actually are. One such psychic is Suzan Saxman, a clairvoyant and medium since birth. It's hard to believe that this psychic with nearly 500 clients to her name tried to ignore her calling after seeing terrible visions of the dead trying to communicate with their living relatives, and getting insight into disasters she had no power to stop. After spending years trying to suppress her premonitions, she decided to embrace them, conducting readings out of her Woodstock shop the 'White Gryphon' and writing a memoir, "The Reluctant Psychic".

Having made some rather fascinating predictions and suggestions, she never fails to inspire. One of her more intriguing stories concerns a haunted house:

There was a woman who came to me and constantly said that her house was haunted, and she was scared of going upstairs because she heard footsteps. Her dog wouldn't go in the room. Her children were scared of going in the room. I saw that there was a little boy who was left in that room when his family went to the light — his whole family died, but he didn't go.

“I told her, 'Around the holidays, give him a teddy bear or a ball or something and leave it in the room. Give him a little present for Christmas — acknowledge him.' She did. She put out a little angel candle for him. And she started talking to him. After she did it, the boy was gone.

“Spirits want to be remembered and acknowledged.”

Miss Cleo (1962 - 2016)

Baba Vanga

Youree Dell Harris, better known as Miss Cleo, was born in Seattle and raised in Los Angeles, and had her start in theatre, acting in her autobiographical play, “Women Only: A Celebration of Love. She became famous after becoming the turban-clad TV pitchwoman for the Psychic Readers Network (PRN), a psychic pay-per-call service, from 1997 to 2003. For the role, she'd don a heavy Jamaican Patois accent and end her segment with “Call me now!” Inspiring spoofs on late-night TV, as well as providing her with exciting business opportunities, she got to voice a lead character in the 2002 game, 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' and published the book, “Keepin' It Real: A Practical Guide for Spiritual Living.” in 2001.

Though some had questioned her psychic abilities over the years, she claimed that she was well-versed in voodoo, and tarot card reading, the latter typically shown in the adverts in which she featured. With Miss Cleo as the face of the company, PRN brought in a billion dollars, but this wasn't without its controversies. For example, while the adverts would claim they offered a free reading, when callers actually rang in, they'd only actually receive 5 minutes free, which was generally used to collect personal information about the client. Beyond this, clients would be sent spam emails or automated call backs claiming things such as “Miss Cleo had a dream about [you] and [you] should call back” and Miss Cleo has “been authorized to issue you a Special Tarot Reading!… it is vital that you call immediately!”

Fortunately, enough time passed for Miss Cleo to become a source of nostalgia, and even led to her return to television. General Mills hired her to promote their French Toast Crunch - a consumer favourite cereal from the 1990s that was returning to the shelves. She carried on giving psychic readings until her death in 2016, after a bout with cancer. Dubbed the 'MTV generation's beloved psychic', she was a 'cultural phenomenon' that will be missed.

Ingo Swann (1933-2013)

During his heyday, Ingo Swann was known around the world as an advocate and researcher of the powers of the human mind, and a leading figure in both governmental and scientific studies into human perception and psychic research. Born in 1933 in the small town of Telluride in Colorado, he attended Westminster College in Utah where he gained a double bachelor's in art and biology. Following school, he served in the army of 15 years, while also building up a reputation as a talented artist. It wasn't until 1971, when he took part in an experimental photography session as a party that he started to truly believe in spirits and realms beyond the known. The photographers attempted to capture visual traces of the participants' psychic abilities in a darkened room, and believed spirits would be drawn to their energy. In Swann's photo, a ball of light appeared above his head, and together with other ghostly interactions made him aware that he had psychic abilities which he could trace back to childhood. This led him to enter the world of parapsychological research, and some of the world's most famous studies. This included studies that he himself conducted, and studies that he was the subject of, such as:

Ingo Swann

Gertrude Schmeidler at the American Society For Psychical Research: Swann was tested for psychokinetic (PK) abilities in the early 1970s by researcher, Gertrude Schmeidler. The experiment involved Swann seemingly causing PK effects to thermistors, which had been placed inside thermos bottles that were insulated and placed 25 feet away from Ingo. In the experiment, Swann consistently produced significant PK changes in recordings of temperature variations of the graphite samples (G.R. Schmeidler, “PK Effects Upon Continuously Recorded Temperature,” Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, no. 4, Oct. 1973).

Elmer Green at the Menninger clinic: Swann was connected to an electro-physiological recording machine and had to either stand or sit on an electrically-insulated framework located within large copper plates. Swann was asked to send psychokinetic energy out towards these plates, each of which was connected to an electrometer that measured and recorded voltage changes. The PK energy pulse recorded appeared to come from Swann's body, and radiated outward, suggesting he did have an impact on the surrounding material (Green, E. E., Parks, P.A., Guyer, P.M., Fahrion, S. L. & Coyne, L. (1993). Anomalous Electrostatic Phenomena in Exceptional Subjects. Subtle Energies 2, 69-78).

Swann also made notable contributions to remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute, which famously became the foundation of the US military's 'Project Star Gate'. This government project intended to use psychic and supernatural phenomenon for spying and military uses. Within secret documentation that was released in 2017, it was revealed that the project aimed to use skills such as psychoenergetics (where people can perceive, communicate or alter characteristics of something or someone that is separate from them in space and time), remote viewing and telekinesis for military gain.

Also an author, Swann published several books including: Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind (1991); The Wisdom Category: Shedding Light on a Lost Light (2003); Natural ESP: a Layman's Guide to Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind (1987).

Maria Papapetros (1943 - ?)

Baba Vanga

Born on the Greek isle of Crete in 1943, Maria Papapetros was surrounded by psychic energy from a very early age. Her father was a healer, and she had two aunts who were considered ''top psychics'' around the island. It was her family who noticed her psychic gifts in infancy, but the first encounter she remembers occurred when she was 12. She had received a wrist watch as a gift, but was stressing about how to wind it so it wouldn't ever stop working. She was concerned that if the watch ever stopped, her mother would take it to the repairman, and spend money that they didn't have. During that night, a man appeared in her dream and without saying a word, showed her how to wind the watch. This worked, and she believed this was her psychic awareness taking hold.

Discovered in 1972 by Gail Eaton - a psychic Maria had visited for a reading in California - Papapetros made appearances in national magazines such as the Globe, Star and Inquirer. Practicing professionally in 1974, she continued to perfect her skill set by studying meditation with Tarot expert Joan Culpepper, and metaphysics with Jenita Cargyle. She soon became an expert in para-psychological dynamics and psychic awareness herself, and her popularity soar. This also led her to take part in a landmark study at UCLA's Department of Psychology conducted by Dr. Jan Berlin in 1980, which provided very convincing results. Having been used as a psychic consultant on films including 'The Butcher's Wife' and 'Ghost', she was the first person to receive an on-screen credit for an off-screen role as a ''psychic consultant'' for the former. In fact, the film's producer, director and leading lady, Demi Moore were all clients of Papapetros during shooting.

With a celebrity client list including Vanessa Williams, Kelly Rutherford, Mary Steenburgen and Marcia Cross, she has been credited as a psychic to the stars, and has been listed in New York magazines ''Best of New York''.

Mother Shipton (1488–1561)

Born Ursula Sontheil in 1488, during the reign of Henry V11, legend has it that England's most famous prophetess was born during a violent thunderstorm in a cave on the banks of the River Kidd in Knaresborough, where she was raised by her mother, Agatha for the first 2 years of life. Ursula was considered an odd child - her nose was large and crooked, her back bent and her legs twisted - just like a witch. As she grew older, she became a famous seer - believed to have correctly predicted, among other things: the dissolution of the Church in the reign of Enrique VIII; the fall of Cardinal Wolsey; the premature death of Henry Edward VI's son; the start of World War III; the rise of Queen Elizabeth to the throne of England; the 1665 London plague. Similarly to Nostradamus, and in order to avoid persecution for the crime of witchcraft, Mother Shipton wrote her prophecies in rhyme and verse, which included, in 1559, an epic poem that contained her most famous prophecies.

Some of her predictions include:

"Around the world, men's thoughts will fly, quick as the twinkling of an eye. And water shall great wonders do, how strange, and yet it shall come true."

The first part of this psychic prediction has been interpreted as relating to the phone, radio, television, and the internet, and the second - the building of big dams and the harnessing of waterfalls, such as Niagara for hydroelectric power.

"Through towering hills, proud men shall ride, no horse or ass move by his side. Beneath the water, men shall walk, shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk."

Believed to relate to the rise of cities in previously canyon-based land, as well as submarines, SCUBA gear and the aqua-lung that allows people to enjoy, work, and possibly even live beneath the sea.

Because her work was not published until 80 years after the death, her exact words are not definitively known. However, her name has been linked with many events throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. In fact, many fortune tellers used her effigy and statue to highlight their association with psychic power during this time, and her legacy has lived on in other ways too. Many pubs were named after her (2 of which remain) and a small moth native to Yorkshire is named after her too.

Interested in a psychic reading of your own? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our trusted readers on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. The path to happiness has never shone so bright.

Derek Acorah (1950 - 2020)

Derek Acorah

Derek first encountered the spirit realm aged 6, when, by his account, he met a large man he had never seen before while coming down the stairs for tea at his grandmother's home in Liverpool, where he lived. He's stated how the man ruffled his hair and called him a "young tyke". Derek asked his mother and grandmother who this man was, but there was no-one to be seen. His grandmother realised that it was the shade of his grandfather, who had died in an accident at sea before Derek was born. A tea leaf reader herself, she predicted that Derek would inherit her psychic gifts, and, "work for the spirit".

He made a name for himself as the resident medium in the first 6 series of the TV programme Most Haunted, alongside its presenter, Yvette Fielding, and her specialist team of ghost hunters, which included an astrologer, an anthropologist, a parapsychologist and a medical doctor. Spending nights at stately homes and castles around Britain claimed to be haunted, they told viewers when they could feel or hear the supernatural. A popular show, it was one of the reality programmes that helped Living TV become a leading British non-terrestrial channel.

Although his credibility was questioned in 2005, when the parapsychologist Ciarán O'Keeffe, accused him of being a fake, and that he has fed him false information about spirits, he went on to star in Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns. In this show he offered private sittings to members of the public.

He has also made appearances in The Antiques Ghost Show (2003), Psychic Live (2003), Quest for Guy Fawkes (2005), Paranormal Egypt (2007), Derek Acorah (2009) and The Past Hunters (2015). In 2004, Acorah won the Variety Club of Great Britain's Multichannel TV Personality of the Year award.

After a short illness, Derek Acorah died in January 2020. He is survived by his third wife, Gwen, whom he married in 1995, and by his son, Carl, from his first marriage to Joan Hughes.

Amy Allan (1973 - ?)

Born in Colorado in 1973, Amy was just 4 years old when she began having her first paranormal experiences. From shadow people who would appear to her and cause a fair amount of torment, to being able to see and hear spirits from another plane, it was these early experiences that created a desire and a need to know more about what was happening to her. As she grew older, she sought out direction and guidance from Dr William Roll - a highly-regarded and well-respected parapsychologist - who mentored Amy, and helped her to hone in her skill.

Having conducted over 500 investigations in both businesses and private homes, Amy has also worked with police agencies and with private investigators. Best known for her appearance on ''The Dead Files'', she has also been a consultant for channels including CBS, TLC and the Discovery Channel. Her advice is sought out by a variety of agencies who produce shows that deal with the paranormal because of her years of experience and proven track record in the psychic field.

Amy Allan

Crime Solving and Psychics

Whereas some psychics perform on stage, and others on TV, some use their abilities to aid the police and solve crimes. Psychic detectives use telepathy, clairvoyance, dowsing and remote viewing to gain information on cases that detectives without psychic abilities would have difficulty gaining. Although many people feel uncertain about bringing psychic detectives into cases - especially those that involve murder - there have been cases where psychics have brought murderers to justice and helped to find missing people. In this section, we look at crimes that were solved by psychics, in which they provided the police with invaluable information that aided their efforts.

Philippe Durant

Paula Brown was a hairdresser who disappeared after a night out with friends in Sydney, Australia. After her disappearance, Brown's fiance called upon psychic Philippe Durant to help find her. He used a map, a plumb bob and a lock of Paula's hair in order to find her. Soon after, the body was found by a truck driver about 2km away from the area where the psychic predicted it would be.

Debbie Malone

Maria Scott was a prostitute who disappeared in February 2003, and when her body was found 7 months later, it was believed that she had commited suicide due to her lifestyle. 5 years later, however, the case was reopened, with lead investigator, Jeffrey Little, asking for guidance from psychic medium Debbie Malone. She led police to the cabin where Maria was murdered, even finding the murder weapon (a knife) within a drainpipe.

Etta Smith

Melanie Uribe was a nurse who was reported missing after she was absent from work for two days. As various searches were being carried out to find her, clairvoyant Etta Smith believed Melanie to not be in the location that the police were looking in. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to do some investigating of her own and actually found the body. Because Etta also knew information that only the police had access to (she'd disappeared on her way to work the night before, had been raped and then killed by a blow to the head) she was detained and questioned, but was later released when three men were convicted of the crime.

Etta even sued the city of Los Angeles for false arrest, winning approximately $24,000 in the process.

Pascarella Downey

Penny Serra was killed in 1973 in Connecticut, but investigators just couldn't seem to find her killer. Therefore psychic Pascarella Downey was called upon to help their efforts and provided some very interesting information. She predicted that the murderer was a mechanic, who wore a nametag with the initial ''E'' on it. She also claimed that the killer wouldn't be found straight away but that his blood would be a telltale sign. 26 years later, a man named Edward Grant was arrested for Penny's murder after DNA blood testing linked him to the crime. What's more, Edward was actually a mechanic when he murdered Penny, further confirming Downey's predictions.

Nancy Myer

When Sylvester Tonet went missing, both the police and his family had no clue as to where he had gone. Therefore, Tonet's family decided to bring in psychic Nancy Myer. She told the family that Tonet had died but it wasn't a painful death. The man had gone for a walk in a nearby forest when he got lost and confused. Wandering further into the forest, he died by laying down to rest. Nancy circled on a map where she believed Tonet would be found, and true enough, the body was found 150 yards away from where Myer believed he would be.

Rosemarie Kerr

Andre Daigle went missing after a night out with his friends, last seen when he had offered to drive a woman home. When he was not seen or heard from after 4 days, his sister began to worry and decided to take a picture of her missing brother to psychic Rosemarie Kerr. When looking at the photograph, Kerr claimed she had a sharp pain in her head, believing this to be the same pain that Andre experienced as he was being murdered. She also pointed out the area where Andre could be found and even described one of the men involved in the crime. Andre's brother decided to investigate the psychic's predictions, seeing his brother's car drive past in the area that the psychic had pointed out. Following the car with the support of the police, the two men inside it turned out to be the killers, who had hit him on the top of his head with a hammer.

Elizabeth Lerner

After Patricia List's teacher reported her missing, police went to her house and found her, along with her two siblings, mother and grandmother, dead. Her father, John List had left a note confessing to the murders. Because he was never confirmed dead or alive, detective Jeffrey Hummel, decided to reopen the case in 1971, and in 1985, worked with psychic detective Elizabeth Lerner to find him. She correctly predicted that List was alive and had left town by bus, had married in Baltimore and then moved to Colorado. List was eventually arrested in Virginia, convicted and sentenced to serve 5 life terms consecutively.

Angela Thompson Smith

In 2006, Las Vegas photographer Robert Knight visited Angela when he couldn't get a hold of a close friend. Smith and a group of remote viewers predicted that his friend had died, and his body would be found in a body of water near the Californian coast. This was exactly where he was found, with Knight identifying his friend at the county morgue.

Dennis McKenzie

When two ten-year-old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, disappeared from a family barbecue in Soham, England in August of 2002, the family sought the help of psychic, Dennis McKenzie. In his mind, he saw that the girls were dead, and that a man and a woman, whom he was able to describe to law enforcement in great detail, were involved.

I described the caretaker, Ian Huntley, who would be convicted of the murders, and his girlfriend Maxine Carr,” he said during a 2009 interview. “I also described the view from Huntley's house, his red Fiesta, the fenland road he drove along to ­dispose of the bodies and the site where he dumped them.”

So accurate were his readings that Holly's father Kevin has said publicly that Dennis is “the genuine article”. He gave Dennis's information to the police. Dennis, 55, has since gone on to investigate murders and disappearances all over the world.

Dennis McKenzie, Again

McKenzie solved the mystery of what happened to Richard Kelley, a 17-year-old from Limerick, Ireland when Richard's mother sought his assistance in 2006. Unfortunately, the images McKenzie saw were of Richard's body, with a concrete slab as the murder weapon, and a bridge nearby along with the words “Brigid” and “Bodyke.” In fact, Richard's body was found in the lake, Lough Brigid, near Bodyke, County Clare. A concrete slab had been tied to each of his legs.

Psychics In TV And Film

With all their mystery and intrigue, it's no surprise that psychics make regular appearances in film and TV. From dramas such as Supernatural, Medium and Ghost Whisperer and reality TV shows like The Long Island Medium and Sensing Muder, to audience-based shows and films such as X-Men, Poltergeist and The Shining, they seem to be everywhere. Because a central theme in these films and shows are the psychics themselves, real-life psychics are usually hired to help consult directors on their scripts, boosting their realism. In this section, we take a look at some of the most famous psychics within these mediums, discussing how they enhanced the plots and what made them fundamental to the overall story.


Danny Torrance in The Shining - 1980

(Film Director: Stanley Kubrick; Author: Stephen King)

Plot: Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy and son Danny become winter caretakers of an isolated hotel, 'The Overlook', where Danny sees visions of the hotel's dark past using a telepathic gift known as ''The Shining''. When a snowstorm traps the family in the hotel, Danny discovers that the hotel is haunted and that the spirits are slowly driving Jack to insanity. Jack, himself, meets the ghost of Mr Grady, the former caretaker of the hotel who murdered his wife and two daughters, causing Jack to go on a murderous rampage. The only thing that can save Danny and Wendy is ''The Shining''.

The Shining

Danny: In the film, Danny clearly struggles with his abilities in relative isolation. He doesn't know if there are others like him or what to do with what's inside him. His telepathetic projections are so big that they cause incredible bursts of pain when he speaks too loudly to other psychics. Because he can communicate with evil spirits that reside in the hotel and receives visions of the future, he is used as a plot device to help move the story forward, and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. For example, 'Tony' - Danny's imaginary best friend - warns him and his mother just before something bad is about to happen, sometimes, to their advantage.

Tangina in Poltergeist - 1982

(Film Director: Tobe Hooper; Screenplay: Steven Spielberg, Mark Victor, Michael Grais)

Plot: Steven and Diane Freeling, and their children Dana, Robbie and Carol Anne live in a quiet Californian suburb. However, one day strange things start to happen. Cupboard doors open on their own, furniture rearranges itself and chairs start sliding across the floor. When Carol Anne disappears and can only be communicated with through the white noise on their television, a team of paranormal investigators are called, as well as Tangina, a psychic medium who has dealt with this situation before. She tells the parents that their daughter has been kidnapped through a portal by ghosts and a demon, and is being tricked and held captive.

Poltergeist - 1982

Tangina: A pivotal character within the film, she helps to guide the story, relaying information from the other side and ultimately, helps to save Carol Anne. She reveals that:

  • Carol Anne is alive and in the house. That it's because her life force is very powerful that the ghosts have difficulty passing on. That they're looking to her living presence as a way to remember life and the joy that it gave them.
  • She reveals the darker secrets of the house - that the skeletal hand, the tree, the growling mind and the attacks on Marty (one of the investigators) - have been caused by a great evil, which she calls ''The Beast''.

Nick Marshall in What Women Want - 2000

(Film Director: Nancy Meyers; Screenplay: Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa)

Plot: Nick Marshall, a womanising ad executive who thinks he's God's gift to women, suffers a freak accident when he falls in the bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer, shocking himself and rendering himself unconscious. When he finally comes to, he discovers that he can read women's minds, and know exactly what they're thinking. Ironically, he discovers that has macho behaviour doesn't exactly make him desirable, and when his dream job is given to a new team member, Darcy, who also happens to be a man-eater, he decides to sabotage his new boss by reading her thoughts and passing off her ideas as his own. When it comes time to pitch for Nike's new ad campaign, he steals her ideas once again, which leads to Darcy being fired. Nick feels bad about this and then starts to use his power for good. He decides to repair the relationships he has with women, including that with his colleagues and daughter, consoling her when her boyfriend dumps her.

What Women Want - 2000

Nick Marshall: Many psychics have commented on the odd way that he got his telepathy, and how strange it is that he can only read women's minds. Still, the film centres around Nick, highlighting how assumptions made can be very wrong, and to truly know what someone is thinking, you would actually have to read their mind. When he learns that women don't revere him, but find him sleazy and mostly dislike him, he goes to his therapist to try and understand his ways. When he learns that his daughter is thinking about sleeping with her boyfriend, he tries to offer her advice. Though it's also odd that he loses his power after he realises that he should respect women, the film does emphasise the unique abilities that psychics have, and the comfort they can bring to those around them.

Cole Sear in Sixth Sense - 1999

(Film Director & Screenplay: M. Night Shyamalan)

Plot: Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, begins working with Cole Sear, a child with poor social skills and who appears to be suffering from abuse. Cole is initially reluctant to share his big secret with Malcolm, though he eventually does, revealing that he sees ghosts walking around like the living, unaware that they are dead. Believing Cole to be delusional, Malcolm considers dropping the case. However, after listening to an audiotape from a session with a former patient, he hears another man on the tape begging for help, and believes that Cole may be telling the truth. He suggests that Cole - who is terrified of the ghosts he sees - try communicating with them to help him find the purpose of his gift, even offering to aid them in any unfinished business.

Sixth Sense - 1999

Cole: Like many psychics who discover their gift at a young age, Cole is concerned about his normality and due to this, finds it hard to connect with others. Initially unwilling to help the ghosts that come his way, he decides he wants to do all he can do to help, much like the mediums we know today. Whether he's passing on their messages, or preventing further deaths - he reveals a ghost's step-mother to be a poisonous killer to her husband, saving the ghost's younger sister from the same fate, and potentially many others - he learns to live with the ghosts he sees and does his utmost to help them.

Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men - 2000 - Present/Future

(Film Director: Bryan Singer; Screenplay: Tom DeSanto, Bryan Singer and David Hayter).

As of the time of writing, Professor X has appeared in ten live-action films, including:

  • X-Men (2000)
  • X2 (2003)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
  • X-Men: First Class (2011)
  • The Wolverine (2013)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
  • Logan (2017)

Plot: Children are being born with an X-factor in their genes, giving them special powers and making them mutants. This situation creates enemies out of two former friends - Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and Professor Charles Xavier, who are both mutants. While Professor X wants a peaceful way of stopping the hatred and hostility towards mutants, Magneto wants to even things out with a machine that would turn all humans into mutants, and therefore, make everyone equal. To stop Magneto from doing this, Charles brings together a group of mutants called the ''X-Men''.

Professor Charles Xavier: Within the X-Men universe, Professor X is known as the most powerful psychic in the world. He can manipulate and read the minds and memories of others, and can even control people with his mind. He's even said to be able to kill others just by thinking about it. Other powers that become apparent in the later films, as well as the comic books on which the X-Men are based, include:

  • Communicating telepathically with humans, mutants, animals and aliens.
  • Using telepathy to get inside an enemy's head and rewire their brain, taking control of all 5 senses, stop limbs from moving or cause pain to protect the ones he cares about.
  • Detect brain waves that only mutants possess - this is how he meets Wolverine, for example.
  • Emit ''mind bolts'' into his enemies' brains, which consist of psychic energy and can cause them whatever pain he so desires.

We won't spoil what happens to Professor X, but he is clearly another pivotal character in the comic books and films in which he features.

Carrie White in Carrie - 1976

(Film Director: Brian De Palma; Screenplay: Lawrence D. Cohen; Author: Stephen King)

Plot: Carrie is a social outcast - a shy girl that all of her classmates seem to hate, and many of whom bully. After Carrie unexpectedly gets her first period in the school showers, she is teased by the girls more abhorrently than before. When the gym teacher walks in on this, she punishes them, which results in one of the girls, Chris Harfenson, being banned from the upcoming prom. Another of the bullies, Sue Snell, genuinely feels sorry for what she did, and asks her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom instead of her. Unfortunately, Chris isn't so forgiving, and plots to embarrass Carrie in front of the whole school with a bucket full of pig's blood. What no-one knows however is that Carrie has been developing telekinetic powers, and that when you make her angry, she becomes your worst nightmare.

Carrie - 1976

Carrie: Taking psychics to the extreme in this horror flick, Carrie is presented as only being able to use her powers when she is being picked on or is mad, and not whenever she wants to. From causing a mirror to shatter just by looking at it and causing a boy who is teasing her to fall off his bike to trapping everyone inside the school gym during prom and electrocuting the principal, her powers become her own undoing. When she kills her mother, she loses control of her powers and causes her own house to crumble and burn down with them both still inside, killing her as well. She's even able to cause havoc after her death, by haunting the nightmares of Sue, the only survivor of the prom massacre.

George Lonegan in Hereafter - 2010

(Film Director: Clint Eastwood; Screenplay: Peter Morgan).

Plot: In San Francisco, professional psychic George Lonegan is asked to conduct a reading for his brother's wealthy client, Christos. An honest clairvoyant with a gift for communicating with the dead, George originally abandoned his old life because, as we discover, he was unable to cope with the emotional impact of the reunions and the often disturbing and intimate family secrets that were revealed. At this reading, George hears the name June, who turns out to be the name of his deceased wife's nurse and the woman that he was in love with for 10 years. In a bid for more human interaction, George enrols in a cooking class, where he is partnered up with Melanie. When she learns that he is a psychic, she asks him to do a reading for her. They contact the spirit of Melanie's father, who ends the reading by asking her forgiveness for ''what he did'' to her as a child. Melanie leaves in tears and never speaks to George again. Heartbroken, he decides to leave San Francisco and travel to London. It's there that he meets two other central foci of the film: Marie and Marcus.


George: George has this genuine need to be helpful as a psychic, but battles with his past before realising he has a duty to do right by those who seek him out, or who he happens to meet. For example, in London, he meets Marcus - a young boy whose brother was unfortunately hit by a van while trying to escape some thugs, and died. During a reading, his brother reveals how happy he is in the afterlife and that it's more wonderful than he could ever imagine. As well as telling him that he can no longer look after him, and that Marcus needs to start taking care of himself, he also states that he never needs to fear being alone, ''because they are one.'' After this, Marcus seems much stronger, and calmer within himself, as he's received the closure he desperately needed. George's ability to connect with people, both on this earth and beyond it, resonates throughout this film, showing a more relatable side to psychics and one that feels more honest and truthful than found in other films described above.

Simon Silver / Tom Buckley in Red Lights - 2012

(Film Director: Rodrigo Cortés; Screenplay: Rodrigo Cortés)

Plot: Dr Margaret Matheson, and her colleague, Tom Buckley, are renowned investigators in the realm of paranormal activity. Advent skeptics, they have debunked many fraudulent mind readers, ghost hunters and faith healers by what they call 'red lights' - little clues to the trickery that they know to look out for. When the infamous blind psychic Simon Silver comes out of retirement, Matheson warns Buckley to stay away from him, as she believes that he was behind the death of his most outspoken critic, and therefore believes he is far too dangerous to confront. Ignoring Matheson, Buckley becomes obsessed with discrediting Silver, believing that doing so would not only bolster his own reputation, but guarantee funding for his research for years to come. When strange occurrences take place - such as the explosion of electronic devices, the appearance of dead birds and Buckley's laboratory being vandalised - Buckley begins to question his own beliefs and whether there may be more to Silver than meets the eye. Interestingly, Silver agrees to participate in an investigation to determine whether he is in fact psychic, but this turns out to be his downfall. Buckey's assistants figure out the way Silver uses his 'abilities' and Buckley exposes him in one of his public performances.

Red Lights

Simon Silver / Tom Buckley: Though Simon Silver turns out to be a fake, there are references to real-life psychics, and psychic powers in general, within this film. For example, Simon Silver started his career ''psychically'' bending spoons, and then hid from public life for a long time, only to re-emerge decades later - in a similar vein to Uri Geller. Another psychic in the film, Leonardo Palladino, uses information fed to him through a hidden earpiece to convince his audience at his show that he is receiving details physically. This is a nod to Reverend Peter Popoff, whose similar scam was revealed in 1986 by James Randi.

Although the film largely centres on fraud, it's the twist ending that suggests that some psychics may be genuine. At the end of the film, we learn that Buckley's obsession with searching out and investigating psychics is because he is, in fact, a psychic with supernatural powers himself, and it was he who was causing all of those strange occurrences. Therefore, skeptics and believers alike find something they can take from this film, and no one side is considered correct.

The Omen - 1976

(Film Director: Richard Donner; Screenplay: David Seltzer).

Plot: Robert Thorn is an American diplomat who is expecting a baby with his wife Katherine, who unfortunately has a stillborn child. At the hospital, a priest offers him the choice to adopt a baby boy born at the same time, who has no parents. He agrees to do so due to the loss of his child, and the boy is named Damien. Creepy things occur around Damien; a large, black dog appears at his fifth birthday party, causing the family's nanny to hang herself in front of everyone; a Father Brennan visits the family and claims Damien is the son of the Devil, and therefore, the antichrist; while at a safari park, animals react with fear or violence towards Damien. When Damien causes the death of Kathy, and Father Brennan mysteriously dies, Robert travels to Megiddo to collect 7 sacred daggers to kill Damien with. He travels back to England, and just as he is about to kill Damien, the police arrive and shoot Robert. Damien survives, and at Robert and Kathy's funeral, is shown standing with the President of the United States. This signifies his rise to power, a prophecy that runs throughout the whole film.

The Omen

Damien: Though not a psychic in the traditional sense, his ability to manipulate objects and kill those around him (as well as those thousands of miles away) is on the paranormal side of horror. Even by simply smiling, he can cause havoc without anyone being any the wiser. If anyone considers him a psychic, he's not one you'd want to get on the wrong side of.

The Dead Zone - 1983

(Director: David Cronenberg; Screenplay: Jeffrey Boam)

Plot: Johnny Smith is a young schoolteacher who is madly in love with his colleague, Sarah Bracknell. He is involved in a serious car accident that results in a 5 year long coma. He awakes to discover that his girlfriend has since moved on, married, and had a child. He also discovers that he has the ability to see a person's secrets (both past, present and future) just by making contact with them. For example, he touched a nurse's hand, and sees her daughter trapped in a fire. After being asked by the local sheriff to help solve a series of killings, he reluctantly agrees, realising that it is, in fact, his own deputy that is committing all of the murders. Later on, after a handshake with a Senatorial Candidate that Sarah is volunteering for, Johnny sees this man one day becoming president, and ordering a nuclear strike against Russia, and thus a nuclear holocaust. Johnny feels it's his duty to assassinate him.

The Dead Zone - 1983

Johnny: Though it is unlikely any psychic would ever gain psychic powers simply by enduring a car crash, the depiction of his abilities are somewhat interesting. With the physical touch of another, he goes into a trance like state and then can tell that other what he sees, whether it's a warning, a premonition, or a secret that they'd want no-one else to know. He does use his powers for good - for example - he sees a vision of a boy he is tutoring fall through the ice during a hockey game, and warns the boy's father, saving him. It's actually at this point in the film that Johnny realises his visions are real, and can be altered for a better future.

The Gift - 2000

(Director: Sam Raimi; Screenplay: Billy Bob Thornton & Tom Epperson).

Plot: Annie Wilson is the resident fortune-teller in the town of Brixton, Georgia. She receives a vision that Jessica, the fiancee of a local school teacher (Wayne) has been killed and her corpse has been thrown in a lake. She informs the local sheriff of his vision, and despite his disbelief, searches a pond at the home of Donnie Barksdale - the violent husband of one of Annie's clients, Valerie. When Jessica's body is found in the lake, Donnie is arrested for her murder. Later, Annie receives another vision that suggests Donnie is innocent, and goes to the prosecutor to try to get the case reopened. After he refuses, Annie tells Wayne and he suggests they drive out to the pond that night. At the pond, Annie discovers from a vision that Wayne is in fact the murderer, and killed Jessica because of her affairs. Wayne tries to kill Annie too, but one of her friends - Buddy - appears, knocks him out and drives them all to the police station. After handing Wayne over and discussing what has just happened, Annie is informed that Buddy killed himself earlier that day, suggesting that his spirit helped her at the pond.

The Gift

Annie: Annie is not presented as a perfect psychic, as she initially mistakes Donnie as the killer, simply because of what she knows about his violent temper. There are however, themes of clairvoyance, visions and even spirit guides running throughout this film and coupled with the trust that many people have in her abilities, a sense of respect for her talent. Her sense was heightened at the pond with Wayne present, suggesting the ties of the event, the killer and the location strengthened her vision, allowing her to see the clear and honest truth. And because of this, Buddy - a guy who also respected Annie - became her guardian or spirit guide - being there for her when she needed him the most.

The Men Who Stare at Goats - 2009

(Film Director: Grant Heslov; Author: Jon Ronson)

Plot: Daily Telegram reporter Bob Wilton flies to Kuwait to report on the Iraq War to prove to his wife and himself that he is a man. While there, he stumbles onto the story of a lifetime when he meets retired U.S. Army Special Forces operator, Lynn Cassady, who claims that he was part of a U.S. Army unit training psychic spies to develop a variety of parapsychological skills including invisibility, remote viewing and phasing. After taking the wrong turn while on a trip, their car gets intercepted by an IED. Bob and Lynn have no other choice but to wander through the desert where Lyn reveals that he had stopped a goat's heart to test the limit of his mental abilities and believes this evil deed has cursed him. Not long after, Bob and Lyn are rescued and rehabilitated at a camp run by PSIC, a private research firm engaged in psychic and psychological experiments on a herd of goats and some captured locals.

The Dead Zone - 1983

Lyn: Lyn displays a range of psychic abilities throughout the film, including being able to see things through objects, such as what a picture showed while in a closed box. He could also locate people throughout the world with his strong concentration. He can also instill in someone emotions, like Bob when he instills in him the disincentive to fight. He can correctly guess a coin toss some 200 times in a row. Perhaps his most impressive power though is his ability to kill, by concentrating very hard and stopping the hearts of goats just by staring at them.



Medium (2005-2011):

Based loosely on the life of real-life psychic medium Alison Dubois, this show focused on the protagonist's psychic visions concerning those who suffered from violent deaths and the help she provides the local district attorney's office.

Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010):

Melinda Gordan can speak to the earthbound spirits of people who have died, and who seek her help for various reasons. She uses her gift to relay important messages to the living, comforting them, and helping those spirits to move on.

Paranormal State

Paranormal State (2007-2011):

Ryan Buell, is director of Penn State University's Paranormal Research Society. Ryan and his fellow society members decipher and unearth mysteries including hauntings, ghostly appearances, demonic instances and psychic experiences.

Most Haunted

Most Haunted (2002-Present):

Yvette Fielding and a team of paranormal investigators visit and stay in haunted locations in the UK, Europe and the USA, hoping to document paranormal activity.

Psychic Intervention

Psychic Intervention (2014-Present):

Medium Kim Russo helps families facing emotional turmoil try to resolve their issues by helping them to confront their past so that they can create a better future for them all.

Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives (2004-Present):

When their cases hit a dead end, real detectives turn to psychics for help to shed some light on what actually happened.

Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids (2008-2010):

Psychic Chip Coffey, licensed therapist Edy Nathan, medium Kim Russo and "sensitive" Chris Fleming offer guidance and support to children who are showing signs of having psychic abilities.

The Dead Files

The Dead Files (2011-Present):

A homicide detective (Steve DiSchiavi) with over 20 years' of experience within the New York City Police Department and a medium (Amy Allan) team up to investigate haunted locations where gruesome crimes were previously committed. Each episode sees them try to figure out the case separately, keeping their findings hidden from each other to see the correlation. At the end of each episode, they share their findings with the property's owner, often reaching the same conclusion.

Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium (2011-Present):

Theresa Caputo is a modern psychic balancing both family life and her ability to talk to the dead. This show deep dives into her life, showcasing both private and group readings, as well as her dealings with skeptics. Her family accept the work she does, which includes celebrity readings for Kelsey Grammar, Jon Cryer and Olivia Munn, and we get insight into what they think of their wife and mother.

Knock Knock Ghost

Knock Knock Ghost (2014-Present):

Comedian Richard Ryder, assistant Brian Doyle and renowned psychic medium Jim Hunt travel around Canada exploring the country's most haunted locations, discovering if there is anything behind the sightings and stories that surround them.

Seatbelt Psychic

Seatbelt Psychic (2018-Present):

When Thomas John isn't giving celebrities eye-opening readings or taking his clients on an emotional journey, you'll find him driving around, picking up strangers and giving them messages that touch the hearts of all who hear them.

Hollywood Medium

Hollywood Medium (2016-Present):

Tyler Henry moved to Hollywood to better serve his clientele, which include many well-known celebrities. Watch his life, and that of his clients unfold, as he reveals details only they could have known.

Psychics In Books

Psychics have made their way into the literary world as well, covering topics as varied as astrology, mediumship, spirit guide, tarot cards and how to properly read crystal balls. Along with psychic biographies, works of fiction and books about learning how to fine-tune your psychic powers, there is much to delve into. We reached out to some of our lovely network about the books they'd recommend and the ones that have impacted them the most:

Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship Paperback

(Gordon Smith; 2012)

"Gordon feels strongly that developing your intuitive gifts should be something that gives you joy, brings you clarity and makes you more contented in your life. Based on his experiences of teaching and guiding complete beginners on their paths to communicating with spirit, this book provides simple and easy-to-follow exercises that will help you sharpen your psychic senses, open yourself to receive communication from your spirit guides and interpret the telepathic language of spirit."
Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship

Exploring Auras: Cleansing and Strengthening Your Energy Field Paperback

(Susan G. Shumsky; 2012)

"Do you want more energy, well-being, clarity and peace of mind? Because in the new, revolutionary Exploring Auras, you will discover extraordinary breakthroughs about the human energy field that are unavailable anywhere else. You will learn how to:
  • Develop subtle sensory perception to see or sense auras.
  • Increase power, balance, focus and clarity in your energy field.
  • Develop spiritual self-defense, auric protection, and self-reliance.
  • Heal and release dense vibrations in your environment.
  • Release attachments and addictions crystallized in your energy field.
  • Cut psychic ties and cords to create healthier relationships."
Exploring Auras: Cleansing and Strengthening Your Energy Field

You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing Paperback

(Debra Lynne Katz; 2004)

"The only book of its kind that focuses solely on clairvoyance, You Are Psychic will provide you with invaluable tools you can use in your everyday life for guidance, healing, protection, manifestation, and creativity.
Katz shares her own time-proven methods, firsthand accounts of clairvoyant readings, and techniques from the best psychic development schools. Psychic readings, healing methods, vision interpretation, and spiritual counseling are covered in this book as well. This practical guide is easy to follow and perfect for anyone interested in developing or strengthening their psychic abilities.""
You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

(Richard Tarnas; 2008)

"In Cosmos and Psyche, distinguished philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas demonstrates the existence of an astonishingly consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history and biography. Based on thirty years of meticulous research, this brilliant book points to a radical change in our understanding of the cosmos, shining new light on the drama of history and on our own critical age. It opens up a new cosmic horizon that reunites science and religion, intellect and soul, modern reason and ancient wisdom."
Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

Psychic Protection Crystals: The Modern Guide To Psychic Self Defence With Crystals For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

(Ethan Lazzerini; 2018)

"Do you take on the energy of others too easily? Are you constantly battling bad vibes? Have you ever experienced a psychic attack? In Psychic Protection Crystals, you will learn how to create strong and healthy energetic boundaries. Empower yourself with simple to advanced techniques to strengthen your aura and shield yourself from negative energies, people and environments.
Explore over 50 crystals and their unique protective properties in detail. The quick reference guide will help you find the right crystal for your personal energy and needs, every time. Discover the meaning of many different crystal shapes and forms and how to use them for psychic protection. Ethan shares how to work with these crystals to supercharge your shielding, breeze past bad vibes and neutralise negative energies."
Psychic Protection Crystals

Adventures of the Soul

(James Van Praagh; 2014)

"Adventures of the Soul is a manual for anyone who has ever questioned where they come from, why they are here, and where they go after they die. Sharing his intuitive experiences of communicating with the Spirit World for the past 30 years, internationally renowned medium James Van Praagh takes you on a spiritual sojourn to discover the unique design of your very own soul and explore its various adventures as it travels between worlds. You'll learn to open up your mind to your soul's unbounded wisdom and gain a bigger perspective on life and a better grasp of your significant part in it.
This book will further assist you in understanding and recognizing the soul lessons you came back to Earth to learn, such as sorrow, forgiveness, grief, compassion, and joy. By utilizing this knowledge, you will come to identify your soul's intricacies and start to live a life that truly fulfills your soul's destiny: following the path of love."
Adventures of the Soul

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers

(Richard Webster; 2002)

"They come to our aid when we least expect it, and they disappear as soon as their work is done. Invisible helpers are available to all of us. In fact, we all regularly receive messages from our guardian angels and spirit guides, but usually fail to recognize them. This book will help you to realize when this occurs. And when you carry out the exercises provided, you will be able to communicate freely with both your guardian angels and spirit guides."
Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians

The Love Key: How to Unlock Your Psychic Powers to Find True Love Paperback

(Joanna Scott; 2011)

"The Love Key is the first book to combine psychic love advice with dating know-how, in a friendly, funny and accessible way that has mass market appeal. It shows you how to use your psychic intuition to date the right people and find true love.
Joanna Scott, psychic counsellor on Sky's Psychic and Soul channel, teaches you to:
  • Discover your psychic abilities and master your romantic psychic skills.
  • Mind-read your dates and discover exactly how they feel about you.
  • Use your sixth sense to break negative patterns.
  • Identify Mr Wrong before he breaks your heart, and attract a loving partner who is perfect for you."
The Love Key

Gifted - A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives

(Lisa J Andres; 2015)

"You may have wondered if you were a medium or a psychic. Perhaps you have a strong sense of intuition or have felt empathic. You may have wondered why you felt like there were spirits around you. You have often seemed to know the answers before they are spoken. You often have felt like you absorb the energy of others around you. You've been wondering why this happens and what it means. This book will tell you how to know if you are a psychic, a medium, or an intuitive, as well as how to do readings. It will also help you to understand spirit guides, Akashic records, and more. Gifted is intended for people that are opening up to their gifts as a medium, a psychic, or an intuitive. While it can be used for all levels, it is a book that is intended for the beginning to intermediate level student."
Gifted - A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives

Psychics, Healers, & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side

(Jenniffer Weigel; 2017)

"Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by those who claim to have extraordinary psychic abilities. The fascination has reached a fever pitch with the rise of modern media. This book provides in-depth interviews with today's top mediums, psychics, and healers, including Thomas John, Judith Orloff, Concetta Bertoldi, Caroline Myss, Echo Bodine, Rebecca Rosen, Paul Selig, and Michael Bodine. In addition to the interviews, each chapter contains readings for both Weigel and an individual previously unknown to the medium, psychic, or healer. In short, Weigel puts these psychically gifted people to the test―and the results are startling and profound."
Psychics, Healers, & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side

Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

(Morning Star Konstanza; 2016)

"Mediumship is a basic skill that can be learned and perfected through practice. Discover how mediumship works and how you can build a strong spiritual foundation so that your ability to communicate with the spirit world will flourish. Medium is a beginner-friendly book designed to help you develop strong and clear spiritual perception through a nine-step process. It takes you inside the medium's mind and body so you will understand how to actually experience contact with a spirit person through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and other spiritual senses. With instructions for creating and conducting a home practice circle and for helping a "stuck" spirit person move on to the light, this is a book no aspiring medium should be without."
Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

10 Steps to Psychic Power

(Cassandra Eason; 2002)

"We all have psychic powers, but in our hectic modern world our abilities are often overlooked or non-existent. Simple, easy-to-follow help is at hand - 10 Steps to Psychic Development offers a straightforward, step-by-step programme to reawaken your hidden talents. Packed with ideas and techniques drawn from many traditions, this book shows you how to use your intuition and make a permanent connection with the spirit world. Features a huge range of topics including: - How to prepare yourself for spiritual work - How to develop the psychic senses - clairsentinence, clairaudience, clairvoyance and psychometry - How to master techniques such as relaxation, visualisation, meditation and pranic breathing - How to protect yourself while carrying out psychic work - How to use tools and props such as tarot, runes, positive thinking, spells and rituals, astrology, etc. - How to work with auras, chakras, colour, distance healing, 'chi' and meridians, and with nature, the elements and the planets - How to tap into other dimensions through dreams and out-of-body experiences - How to connect with the spirit world through mediumship, fairies and elementals, angels, channelling and automatic writing - How to work towards mystical experiences and prophecy - advanced meditation, mantras, mandalas, I Ching and altered states"
10 Steps to Psychic Power

Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

(Morning Star Konstanza; 2016)

"Mediumship is a basic skill that can be learned and perfected through practice. Discover how mediumship works and how you can build a strong spiritual foundation so that your ability to communicate with the spirit world will flourish. Medium is a beginner-friendly book designed to help you develop strong and clear spiritual perception through a nine-step process. It takes you inside the medium's mind and body so you will understand how to actually experience contact with a spirit person through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and other spiritual senses. With instructions for creating and conducting a home practice circle and for helping a "stuck" spirit person move on to the light, this is a book no aspiring medium should be without."
Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death

(James van Praagh; 1999)

"James Van Praagh is a spiritual medium--someone who is able to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. Unaware of his spiritual gifts until he was in his twenties, he slowly came to terms with his unique abilities. In addition, many of his sessions with grieving people who came to him looking to contact the spirits of deceased loved ones are explored. From a devastated mother receiving a message of hope from her deceased little girl to communicating with a young man, killed in Vietnam, who doesn't realize he's dead, the theme of hope and peace in the afterlife is affirmed. Van Praagh also helps the reader recognize and positively deal with the pain of grief in a healthy, honest manner. Part spiritual memoir, part case study, part instrumental guide, Talking to Heaven will change the way you perceive death...and life."
Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death

So You Want to Be a Psychic Intuitive?: A Down-To-Earth Guid

(Alexandra Chauran; 2012)

"Dependable guidance, communication with departed loved ones, helping friends and family - the lifelong rewards of a strong psychic connection are countless. Whether you're a beginner or already in touch with your intuition, this encouraging, conversational, and hands-on guide can help you strengthen your psychic skills. Featuring illustrative anecdotes and easy exercises, you'll learn how to achieve a receptive state, identify your source of information, receive messages, and interpret coincidences, dreams, and symbols. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to try a variety of psychic techniques and divination, such as telepathy, channeling, spirit communication, automatic writing, and scrying. There's also practical advice for wisely applying your enhanced psychic skills personally and professionally."
So You Want to Be a Psychic Intuitive?

Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities

(Debra Lynne Katz; 2008)

"Whether you are a beginner exploring your psychic abilities, or a professional looking to fine-tune your skills, this training guide will teach you to understand your clairvoyant capacities better and to reach your full psychic potential. This is a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to becoming the clairvoyant you truly are, without apology or hesitation. The proven author of the popular title "You Are Psychic" motivates students along a path of self-discovery that begins with a fresh and concise breakdown of basic clairvoyant training techniques. Next, Katz provides in-depth answers to all your frequently asked questions about how to discover, harness, and apply your psychic skills through readings as well as healings. You can learn how to get over the fear of doing readings. You can discover how to remote-view objects and events. Katz also teaches how to employ the laws of attraction to overcome challenges and to build a career as an ethical psychic reader and healer."
Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Awakened Psychic: What You Need to Know to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

(Kala Ambrose; 2016)

"Awaken the psychic abilities within you and harness the intuitive wisdom they reveal. With Kala Ambrose's comprehensive guide, you'll learn to develop your natural talents to their full potential and use them to help manifest your destiny. Presenting a wide range of topics and practical tools, The Awakened Psychic is your ideal guide to tuning in to your abilities, regardless of skill level. Discover the five different clairs and how you can work with them in tandem. Explore hands-on exercises and effective techniques, inspirational stories from Kala's personal life and clients, and the supernatural phenomena you may encounter. Once you awaken your sixth sense, you can lift the veil between worlds to find your spiritual path."
Awakened Psychic: What You Need to Know to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

(Liz Dean; 2015)

"Discover the facts, myth, history, and mystery of the spiritual art of Tarot-reading. Whether you want to learn to read the cards or deepen your Tarot interpretation skills, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot honors the deep heritage of Tarot, while guiding you through practical techniques. Tarot expert Liz Dean offers an overview to all of the important elements of each card from symbols, to links with astrology, kabbalah and numerology. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot also includes all the classic tarot spreads Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Star and Astrological Year Ahead plus, a mini-layout to try for each of the 22 major cards. Learn how to combine the three essential ingredients of a great tarot reading: knowing the meaning of the cards, how to lay them out, and trusting the intuitive messages the images often spark within us during a reading. This synthesis is the true magic of tarot. With the authority and confidence this book offers, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot will be the must-have companion for beginner readers and tarot aficionados alike."
The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

Auras: How to See, Feel & Know

(Embrosewyn Tazkuvel; 2013)

"Anyone with vision in both eyes can begin seeing vividly colored auras around any person with just 5 minutes of practice!
Learn how to:
See the 7 layers of the aura using Embrosewyn's pioneering technique
Understand the meaning of the patterns and shadows observed in the layers
Train your eyes to instantly switch back and forth from aura to normal vision
Understand the meaning and nuances of every color of the rainbow in an aura
Use your aura as a shield against negative energy or people
Power up your aura to have greater achievement in any endeavor
Interpret body language to confirm observations of the aura
Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people
Understand health conditions and ailments through the aura
The secret to aura sight is to retrain the focusing parts of your eyes to see things that have always been there, but you have never been able to see before. It's really not complicated. Anyone can do it using Embrosewyn's proven techniques and eye exercises. The author has been seeing brightly colored auras for over 60 years and teaching others to begin seeing auras within 5 minutes for the last 22 years. "Auras: How to See, Feel & Know," includes all the power techniques, tools and Full Color eye exercises from his popular workshops."
Awakened Psychic: What You Need to Know to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Psychics In The Boardroom

You may be surprised to learn that psychics have been consulted on business matters since the 80's, helping companies as famous as KFC, Polaroid and Pillsbury make decisions that have helped to change the course of their history.

Colonel Sanders And The Always Welcomed Psychic

KFC's founder, Colonel Harland David Sanders was known to have welcomed a psychic to sit on boardroom discussions and shareholder meetings, such as the famed Victoria lynn Weston. As she states on her website:

"One stockbroker and vice president of investments frequently relies on psychic information to bolster business judgments, a fact he openly shares with his clients. Psychic revelations are helpful in timing market changes,” he says, and “for charting the market values of stocks."

He claims his psychic is (that would be me!) 80% accurate in predicting market fluctuations.

"Every little bit of information helps. If you have a stock that's fundamentally and technically strong, and you have access to some psychic insight about it, well, you need all the help you can get, right?"

Pete Dixon, Beverly Jaegers and Coffee Futures

"It all started December 30, 1974, when Pete Dixon, a commodities broker, came to see me (Beverly Jaegers). The first thing he handed me was a sealed envelope. 'Please tell me what you see.`` I had no idea what the envelope contained, but I ran my fingers over it carefully. Suddenly, I started to see things, there was a tree covered with reddish-colored berries. I didn't know what they were, but natives were picking them – dark people wearing big hats. Oh, yes it was raining, not just a drizzle, but hard. They had large baskets, which seemed to me should have been full but there was only a sprinkling of berries on the bottom, and some of those were shriveled and wizened. Does this mean anything to you?"

Jaegers confirmed Dixon's own hunches that the price of coffee would go up and based on her intuition, he invested his life's savings - $24,000 - into the well-known brand, Coffee Futures. What followed was unprecedented. An unexpected frost affected coffee plants in Brazil, and political unrest caused issues in Angola. Therefore, the price of coffee skyrocketed, and Pete Dixon became a millionaire.

Psychics As Business Consultants

Mahendra Sharma And His Financial Astrology Business

Since he launched his business, Mahendra Prophecy in 2001, Sharma has been providing star-led advice to clients including Bill Murphy (Chairman of GATA, Lemetropolecafe), Bob Mariarty (Co-owner, and J. Jeff (MD of Chase Bank). Publishing nine books of financial prophecies since its inception, he has made many correct predictions, including:

  • In January 2002, Sharma predicted that the price of crude oil would rise from $18.80/barrel to around $55.00 to $60.00/barrel within the next four years. Oil hit an all-time high of $58.50/barrel in April, 2005.
  • In May 2002, he predicted that the price of coffee ($48/contract) would more than double within the next 3 years. In December 2004, the price of coffee reached $102/contract, and by March, 2005, reached $137.80/contract.

He has also corrected-predicted well-known historical events, such as:

  • The date that the Gulf War was going to end.
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • Rajiv Gandhi's assination.
  • Nelson Mandela's presidency.
  • Princess Diana would be exposed to mortal danger.
  • The Pakistani coup in 1999.
  • George W Bush's wins in the 2000 and 2004 US elections.
  • The September 11th 2002 terrorist attacks.
  • Hurricane Katrina.

All of these predictions were published in a range of newspapers and magazines across the world. This included The Kenya Times, The People in Africa, The Sunday Times, Asian Age and The Sound in USA, among others.

Psychics In Research

Did You Know?

It's not only psychics that have what we consider to be 'psychic abilities'. In fact, multiple tests have been conducted on average participants to see if they have precognition (knowledge or perception of the future due to extrasensory stimuli). In one set of experiments, Daryl Bem - a well-known social psychologist - had participants read a list of 48 words, and then immediately asked them to write down as many as they could remember. Then, he gave the participants a random set of 24 words from the 48 and asked them to type them out on a computer. What Bem found, according to his supporters, was astounding. He reported that in the initial recall test, participants seemed better at remembering words that they would see in the later practice session, than words that they wouldn't see later on.

Signs That You Have Precognitive Abilities:

  • You experience precognitive dreams: Vivid dreams that seem almost real, and more often than not, give you a glimpse into your future.
  • You feel increased anxiety: You feel an instant increase in anxiety, due to an experience of visions before a major event or when you can feel that someone you care about is in distress.
  • Your intuition suddenly intensifies: Becoming more aware of everything around you, you can even predict when the phone will ring.
  • You have déjà vu: Because you feel like you've been in this situation before, you've seen the future in the past, and therefore - this is a true sign of being psychic.
  • People feel better around you: Due to your awareness and understanding, you are able to identify with those around you, which gives them great comfort.

From Princeton University and the California Pacific Medical Center to the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and University of Virginia, many leading research centres have delved into the world of psychics and the paranormal. In this section, we take a look at some of the most ground-breaking research within this field, detailing the experiments and the research found.

We also recommend that you check out the previous section, 'Psychics at the Turn of the Century' to learn about:

  • J. B. Rhine: Used Zener cards to statistically prove that some of his participants had ESP (the ability to pick up on information that they couldn't have possibly known beforehand).
  • Charles Honorton: Used the ganzfeld experiment to test psychic ability.

Experiments That We Believe Are Worth A Good Read Include:

Zingrone, N.L., Alvarado, C.S. and Agee, N., 2009.

Psychological correlates of aura vision: Psychic experiences, dissociation, absorption, and synaesthesia-like experiences.

Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis, 37(2).

"All five studies suggest that aura vision experiences relate to an overall pattern of claims of psychic and mystical experiences. The consistency of the results was surprising, given the differences in sample selection, language of administration, and study location."

Bem, D.J., 2011.

Feeling the future: experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences on cognition and affect.

Journal of personality and social psychology, 100(3), p.407.

"This article reports 9 experiments, involving more than 1,000 participants, that test for retroactive influence by “time-reversing” well-established psychological effects so that the individual's responses are obtained before the putatively causal stimulus events occur. Data are presented for 4 time-reversed effects: precognitive approach to erotic stimuli and precognitive avoidance of negative stimuli; retroactive priming; retroactive habituation; and retroactive facilitation of recall. The mean effect size (d) in psi performance across all 9 experiments was 0.22, and all but one of the experiments yielded statistically significant results."

Beischel, J. and Schwartz, G.E., 2007.

Anomalous information reception by research mediums demonstrated using a novel triple-blind protocol.

Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 3(1), pp.23-27.

"The results suggest that certain mediums can anomalously receive accurate information about deceased individuals. The study design effectively eliminates conventional mechanisms as well as telepathy as explanations for the information reception, but the results cannot distinguish among alternative paranormal hypotheses, such as survival of consciousness (the continued existence, separate from the body, of an individual's consciousness or personality after physical death) and super-psi (or super-ESP; retrieval of information via a psychic channel or quantum field)."

Other notable psychic researchers include Rufus Osgood Mason and Karlis Osis.

Rock, A. J., Beischel, J. and Cott, C. C., 2009.

Psi vs. survival: A qualitative investigation of mediums' phenomenology comparing psychic readings and ostensible communication with the deceased.

Transpersonal Psychology Review, 13(2)

"Certain mediums are able to report accurate and specific information about the deceased loved ones (termed 'discarnates') of living people (termed 'sitters') even without any prior knowledge about the sitters or the discarnates, in the complete absence of any sensory feedback, and without using deception. Despite recent experimental research investigating this phenomenon (e.g. Beischel & Schwartz, 2007), few systematic qualitative studies (e.g. Rock, Beischel & Schwartz, 2008) have been conducted. Consequently, six certified research mediums were asked to describe in as much detail as possible their subjective experiences during discarnate communication and psychic readings for the living. Thematic analysis revealed various comprehensive constituent themes for each experience type. Mediumship and psychic reading experiences were subsequently situated within Grof's (1975) cartography of the transpersonal dimensions of the psyche. The present study constitutes an initial step towards isolating the phenomenological processes underlying discarnate communication readings. A detailed understanding of these processes may, in turn, assist researchers with regards to determining the source of the purportedly non-local, non-sensory information mediums report."

Independent Research

A 2001 Gallup Poll looking into American belief into the paranormal found the following results:

  • 71% believe that they have had a paranormal experience.
  • 65% believe Ouija boards are dangerous.
  • 56% believe that ghosts are spirits of the dead.
  • 41% believe in extrasensory perception.
  • 37% believe that houses can be haunted.
  • 34% believe in the existence of ghosts.

Other key findings from the poll found that:

  • 55% of people believe in psychic or spiritual healing, or the power of the human mind to heal the body.
  • 42% believe that people can be possessed by the devil.
  • 21% believe that people can communicate mentally with someone who has died.
  • 21% believe in witches.
  • 20% believe in reincarnation (the rebirth of the soul in a new body after death).
  • 9% believe in channeling or allowing a 'spirit being' to enter or take control of a body.

A 2017 Pew Research Center survey, looking at new age beliefs in American Christians found that 6 in 10 Christians hold at least one. New Age beliefs include those in reincarnation, astrology, psychics and the presence of spiritual energy in physical objects such as mountains and trees. It should also be noted that many Americans who are religiously unaffiliated also have these beliefs.

Four in ten believe in psychics and that spiritual energy can be found in physical objects, while a third express a belief in reincarnation and astrology.

Specifically, belief in psychics garnered the following results:

  • Christians: 40%
  • Protestants: 38%
  • Evangelical: 33%
  • Catholic: 46%
  • Unaffiliated: 40%
  • Atheist: 10%
  • Agnostic: 31%

The survey also found that those who consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious tend to accept at least one New Age belief. Approximately 75% of US adults in this category adhere to this finding, with 6 in 10 believing in spiritual energy and 54% believing in psychics.

TV Psychic Uri Geller Really Did Have Special Powers

In the film, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats', George Clooney plays a psychic recruited by the CIA as part of its 'New Earth Army' - a unit deployed to use psychic power to outdo America's enemies across the globe. The film was a fictionalized version of a nonfiction book of the same name by British journalist Jon Ronson, and recently, a remarkable range of declassified documents reveals that the CIA did indeed conduct a week of experiments in 1973 on one of the U.K.'s most famous TV personalities of the day: Uri Geller.

The research on Geller, the 32-page document shows, was part of the “Stargate” program, which aimed to explore “remote viewing,”- a system by which it was hoped psychic spies having controlled out-of-body experiences could “observe” individuals in far-flung locations. Geller convinced the CIA of “his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

The document published by the CIA states that Geller was taken to Stanford Research Institute in California from August 4th to August 11th, 1973, and in a series of experiments was asked to try and copy pictures being drawn at random by CIA agents in another room “about half a mile away.” The scientists opened a dictionary and picked a word at random. The first word chosen was “fuse” and a scientist drew a firecracker. “Geller was notified via intercom when the target picture was drawn and taped on the wall outside his enclosure,” the documents state. “His almost immediate response was that he saw a ''cylinder with noise coming out of it.'' He then drew an image that looked similar to the firecracker.

The scientists repeated the experiment, and the document says: “The second word selected was picked, which was “bunch,” and the target was a bunch of grapes. Geller's immediate response was that he saw “drops of water coming out of the picture.” He then talked about “purple circles.” Finally, he said he was quite sure that he had the picture. His drawing was indeed a bunch of grapes. Both the target picture and Geller's rendition had 24 grapes in the bunch.”

Geller told the Daily Telegraph that one international agency, which he wouldn't name, asked him to kill a pig with his mind. “I was asked to stop the heart of a pig. It was probably so they could stop the heart of Andropov, who was head of the KGB. "George Clooney basically played me in that film (The Men Who Stare at Goats). It wasn't a goat, it was really a pig."

The Future Of Psychics

So what could the future of psychics hold? We like to think that's something only they could know themselves, but we reckon with the growing belief in psychics of all kinds, the increases in spiritual practice and the want to connect with the world around us, and above us, that psychics have cemented their place in the modern world, with a fascinating history behind them.

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